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  1. Would love to join! foootballplay80@yahoo.com
  2. Just took over a team, 10 keepers & just got offered Capela for Dipo & mitchell Robinson. Easy accept right?
  3. Just made a 3 team deal, which team do you guys think won? (IM TEAM 3) Team 1 gets Jacobs, Golladay, & Olsen. Team 2 gets D. Montgomery, Coleman & Hooper Team 3 gets Julio, Gurley & D. Henderson
  4. I'll take team 2! Email is foootballplay80@yahoo.com
  5. I would grab Humphries as well. They will always throw a lot and he should have pretty solid games. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/733650-howard-for-dalvin-cook-whir/
  6. You did not overpay too much, I like the move. Golladay isn't doing much even with Tate gone and Evans will have up and down weeks so I think you did great especially when playoffs come around. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/733650-howard-for-dalvin-cook-whir/
  7. Hooper and Doyle. Dez wont play much and Carr will have no time to throw. Is there anyone else to pick up? Not loving Hooper one bit.
  8. Drop Moore for sure. He will be an elite WR in this league, but not this year.
  9. Just traded Howard for Dalvin Cook in a standard league. What do you guys think?
  10. I personally am starting Landry over Moore but I might make a switch. Pits is tough against the run and they have done a good job limiting #1 Wr's the past 4 games (Funchess), Moore should get a carry or two and Im hoping he gets a score tonight.
  11. If your in win now mode then I would rather have Freeman based off the fact you wont start Moore over Thielen, Kupp, or MVS.
  12. Where would you rank these RB's between Howard, Kerryon, Jones, Lewis. (Standard Scoring) I have them ranked 1. Jones 2. Howard 3. Kerryon 4. Lewis
  13. I would try Duke+ Burton or Duke+ Dez and see if he bites.
  14. How do you owners value him ROS? Riddick is back and Blount still takes away goal line carries, but he does have an easy playoff schedule besides vs MIN and he still gets looks in the passing game as well.