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  1. I came to read the comments now that the season is on hold until further notice.
  2. There you have it, that matchup is a wrap. Lost that chip. Greek, Luka and Bagley out.
  3. I'm in 3/4 champs rounds. Looks like I'm lose two of those due to DNP's. Can't control that, just unlucky. Luka Doncic and the Greek Freek both are not playing. To top it off, got M. Bagley on the squad with those two AND he is questionable. This time of year, it becomes all luck and outta' your control. But you got here so. Good luck to those that win.
  4. This is one dude I will never draft again. His ADP is where it needs to be.
  5. I knew that. The main reason why I didn't pick him up.
  6. Saturday might be too late. Dropped him. Getting crucial. Any other time I wouldn't have.
  7. Yup. I would def reach out say 5th round to get him. Target player indeed.
  8. After say 3 round, forget a ADP, that's when you start reaching for the players you want with some upside. If you go by the ADP, you will end up with a lackluster roster.
  9. Next year will be different. This was D-Rose best year in quite sometime and yet he's on the shelf at the moment. If he's on the board next year I wouldn't draft him. We'll see, look the movement this summer and gauge it from there.
  10. Thanks Bro', getting kinda worried about him. Need him to play.