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  1. Oh I would be the one acquiring Judge...but I think this tells me everything I need to know haha
  2. AL only, 9 Keeper League, H2H Cats
  3. Close but I would go with Bellinger
  4. 16 Team League w/14 Keepers (H2H Most Categories) Side A receives: -Trout -Greinke -Mercado Side B receives: -Lindor -Sale -Soler -Karinchak Thoughts?
  5. Oh I was looking at the team in sig. Yeah I would stick with Devers, especially since Albies is a HUGE improvement over Shaw.
  6. But it's keep FOREVER. Max is 35 and Snell is 27. I would happily put money on Snell pitching more innings than Max in the next 10 years. It may or may not be the same quality of innings, but that age gap cannot be ignored.
  7. In regards to my last comment, I tend to favor young pitching. Big fan of Gore's stuff but it will take awhile to see if he'll be able to command all four/stay healthy. Shaw does not inspire much confidence from me and maybe not in you either? Roster-wise, the trade fits if you believe Machado will be a stud in 2020. Value-wise, you're probably losing a little but it rounds out your roster better. (Basically Machado > Shaw plus adding a top pitching prospect.) Grandal actually has a lot to do with Woodruff's success. He became Woodruff's personal catcher in mid-2019. Before that, Manny Pina caught him most of the time and the results weren't too pretty. I would call Woodruff and Luzardo a wash actually. Montas is my breakout pick this year, so I would rather have him or Pearson instead of Downs.
  8. Snell and Moncada. Mostly because of age.
  9. I would actually take it...there's no holes on the offensive side except for 2B (which Moncada would fill) and Gore is the highest graded pitching prospect there is. I do have some concerns about Machado, but the trade fits roster-wise. I also think Devers' counting stats will regress without Betts in the lineup.
  10. I would probably pass... Considering LoCain's 2019, he's pretty much only good for SBs. I don't see bounceback from him, probably another .260 or .270 season from him. Choo is basically LoCain but still has some power. I don't see how Nimmo is rosterable with his hitting (plus he'll be playing in a crowded OF with Cespedes, Conforto, JD Davis, and Marisnick). Buxton is fine and dandy but he might just spend more time on the IL than in the field. Basically, Dozier is your best bet at OF3. Sending Brantley away would also mean you need a new OF2. I think Turner is great for redraft - he had a higher OPS in 2019 and is projected for a higher OPS in 2020 than Chapman. Relievers are basically a wash since you never really know with them from year to year. I would look on the WW to see if you can find a replacement for Nimmo at C (no one plays everyday except Grandal and Realmuto), UT, or SP. Also, you could probably use Gallegos + Choo/Cain to see if you could find a more reliable bench bat.
  11. Agree with burty1...IF this season resumes, Pearson is likely going to pitch most of the season. But long-term, Gore since I like his secondary stuff more and he gets to pitch to Hedges, the best framing catcher in the game.
  12. I prefer Karinchak and Ottavino on the account of ratios and Ks. Harvey will likely put up a 4-5 ERA on a terrible team with few save opportunities. I imagine Karinchak will get a few saves and put up some crazy K total too. Ottavino will get 25+ holds with a significantly better ERA.
  13. Agreed. I probably would not roster either of them anyways though