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  1. Who wins in a keeper league and by how much? Hader seems to have a prominent position in the Brewers bullpen for years. Darvish started slow but has begun pitching like an SP2 post-ASB.
  2. Admittedly I don't know much about Apostel. But I agree with @street sharks, Lamet is really just a two pitch pitcher. I don't see him taking a big step in his game. And Lowe just hasn't gotten enough of a chance with the Rays constantly swapping players in and out of the daily lineup. I predict Lowe's stock will go up and you can possibly flip him for more then. Thanks for the help on mine!
  3. I would take the deal. Verlander/Nola/Price/Gray have all been pretty solid this year, and while Goodrum is good, I wouldn't consider him starting caliber. Murphy, on the other hand, can hit.
  4. Give: Darvish Get: Gallen and Greene Darvish has seemed to figure things out but how long until the next injury? He's almost 33 with plenty of pitches on his arm. Also in a playoff race so I'm looking for saves but also looking for a starter worth keeping next year.
  5. Gausman tabled his curveball and went with 4FB/Cutter/Splitter for his last start. @Baur10
  6. 15 Team AL Only 8x8 Keeper Give: Jorge Polanco/Martin Perez Get: Adalberto Mondesi/Mike Fiers My BA and Rs are second in the league while the rest of my categories are middle of the pack. Looking to up my SB and QS. I already own Dee Gordon but I'm not so sure about keeping him as one of the shortstops. Would not keep Perez/Fiers.
  7. Nicholas Castellanos has been something of a hot mess too this year. I would be happy just sticking with Nelson Cruz.
  8. Tough call. They have similar OBP SLG ABs and TBs. But the real question is power and counting stats vs average and ratios. I feel like power is tougher to find on the WW so I would go with Chirinos.
  9. Snell - Stanton and Hicks Nola - Quintana and Avisail? TBH I haven't really kept up to date on these guys, but that's my best guess
  10. enough/too much/too little. And what would be a fair offer for him then?
  11. Yeah I would take it too. Montas and Tanaka should be good enough depth to fill in for losing Morton.
  12. Looking to trade for JDM in a 15 team AL Only (5-9 Keepers) 8x8 H2H categories to make a push towards contention. I'm in third right now and looking to get JDM from a rebuilding team. Is Nicholas Castellanos, Michael Kopech, and my first pick (probably towards the end of the tenth round where Odorizzi/Greene were picked) enough or too much for JDM? Garver M.Gonzalez/B.Dixon Torres Polanco Urshela Castellanos Mazara Gordon (IL) Glasnow (IL) Bieber Porcello Perez Yarbrough Robles Cease De Leon Strickland (IL) Kopech (IL) 23 roster spots + 2 IL spots
  13. I would agree with moving Chavis to upgrade at SP and use the extra slot to pick up Choo. He has to fight for PT against Calhoun, Mazara, and Pence, but he's hitting .297 at the moment so it's tough to argue with that. Thanks for help on mine.