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  1. Totally interested! Please keep me posted. Some of the league ideas I have. 30 entries is a great start and then cap it. With 30 we can use a survivor concept where u only can start a player once. Use only the major conferences for regular season play. ACC, Big 10 and 12, PAC 12, SEC and Big East. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex ( RB, WR or TE). Offer weekly prizes to maintain interest, where the weekly prize equals 1/2 the entry fee, will keep everyone interested. 13 regular season weeks with week 1 most passing yards, week 2 Most rushing TD's (makes you consider starting Option QB's that week) etc each week. Then the playoffs could be as follows. 6 divisions 5 teams each, division winners based on total points not head to head get a bye for the conference champ games. The next best 6 teams qualify for week 1 ( conf champ games). The best two scores advance to give you 8 teams for bowl games through Dec 31st. The best four scores advance to bowl games on 1/1 and national semi's. The final two teams play for national title using only players from that game. If you adhere to a true survivor league you can't use any player twice meaning that you won't want to burn players that you'd want in the playoffs. The nice thing about survivor leagues is that it does allow for great strategy. Moran36utah@yahoo.com hit me up to trade some ideas anytime!
  2. Moran36utah@yahoo.com, send me an invite