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  1. I would do this 100%. Can’t trust Mixon or Diggs and Carson is a horse.
  2. I would go Brissett or Tannehil. If TY plays for sure Brissett. Even if he’s out though I’d lean Brissett. Ridley vs Tampa 100000%
  3. 12 team 1 PT PPR, my RBs are Chubb, Zeke, Dalvin, and Wilkins. I’m a lock for a first round bye. Zeke and Jacobs have similar numbers this season, obviously Zeke has the pedigree but Jacobs has a juicy ROS schedule and I’d be locking down my handcuff for my most important player. So in total. My Zeke for his Mattison and Jacobs. Is this an obvious yes? Thanks!
  4. First off I think it’s BS that trade got vetoed. Perfectly reasonable for the kamara owner to want to sell out of frustration and it’s not like you’re giving him scrubs. I wouldn’t sell any of your RBs unless you’re getting back Kamara or Mack. I’m not terribly high on Mack. However in terms of objective value, Marquise and Hunter for Mack (or more if you can grab it). Alshon might not be playing (I personally don’t think he will) so I don’t know how much receiver capital they’d give up. I would stick with those two being your main trade pieces, offer for Mack + someone else you like, if they don’t play ball I’d consider just doing that 2 for 1. You will be just fine without Marquise.
  5. 10 team 1 PT PPR. My RBS are Chubb, Gordon, Bell, Jamal Williams. TEs are Ertz and Everett, but Fells and other starters are on waivers. My sole QB is Josh Allen with your standard streamers available. I’m 5-5 in a three way tie for fourth. Do I ship Bell and Ertz for Watson and Lindsay? I feel like I’m losing some RB value but Lindsay has a good schedule. And Watson is a top 5 QB ROS IMO. Would you do this? Thanks will help in return.
  6. I personally think whomever is getting that first group wins. That’s selling pretty low on players I think will pick it up.
  7. If you can get LMA and Oladipo I’d do that in a heartbeat!
  8. I’d grab Val or Baze depending on if you’re looking for better big man stats or better shooting.
  9. I don’t think it’s a terrible deal but I also think it’s a little too early to consolidate talent so much. If you have some gems still sitting on waivers that you can immediately fill your team out with then maybe, but otherwise I’d hold off.
  10. My roster (main punt is FT%): PG: Ben Simmons, Eric Bledsoe SG: Gary Harris, Josh Hart PF: Kevin Love, Nikola Mirotic SF: Josh Richardson, Robert Covington C: Clint Capela, Rudy Gobert, Nikola Vucevic Should I hang on to RoCo or would Elfrid help my team more? Team is rolling (doing great). Thanks!
  11. I like your team a lot, but as the above poster said I agree with moving Jaylen Brown to make space for someone like Ibaka, who can help you with big man stats and some out of position stats too.
  12. 12 team, 11 cat, H2H, I had 8th overall. I panicked on my first two picks (Simmons and Love) but I got enough later round steals to make up for it, I think. Tried to punt FT% and AST. What do you think? Any advice with how I should go about future moves? I’m not great at eyeballing a team and knowing what the next move is, but I will help in return as best I can. Thanks for the help! PG: Ben Simmons, Eric Bledsoe SG: Gary Harris PF: Kevin Love, Nikola Mirotic SF: Josh Richardson, Robert Covington, Caris LeVert C: Clint Capela, Rudy Gobert, Nikola Vucevic
  13. Locking down those two big boys would be HUGE. If you’re confident enough in your ability to play the wire I’d say go for it.
  14. Hey guys, this will be my second year doing FBB. Our league has moved to 11 cats (FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, AST, A/TOs, BLK, STL, OREB, DREB, DDs). I have the 8th pick overall and was thinking of punting ASTs but I do like Jokic at that pick. Anyways, with these category settings is there a certain build you think fits best? Rosters are your typical starting five, 3 UTILs, 3 bench and 1 IR. I’d say half of the league actually knows what they’re doing. We did 9 cat last year, 11 seems uncommon as does our inclusion of double doubles. Does that mean I should go big aggressively from the start to try and nail DDs down? Sorry if this is in the wrong place, any advice would be appreciated!
  15. Browns fan here, off topic but he will probably not be used to his full potential this season but yeah. Either way I think Cooks can potentially finish in the top 8 WRs on the season so that’s why I say you def won. Have you watched any Rams games this season? Cooks looks ELECTRIC with the ball in his hands.