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  1. Still one spot available available team has Arenado, Bryon Buxton, Altuve, Bogaerts, Corbin, Taillon, Kyle Gibson, and many others. PM me if interested
  2. Hey y’all, We have a few openings in our dynasty league. (16 active - 1 each position plus 4SP and 3RP, 10 bench, and 18 minors). It’s a 16 team league, playing H2H Most Categories. The league is very competitive, and the teams available are very good as well, definitely in the win now mode. And best of all, the league is FREE!! Looking for competitive players willing to stay active throughout the year. If you’re interested, please PM me and I can send you the link to join us. Thanks
  3. Hi all, We have an opening in our free 16 team, 44 players (16 active, 10 bench, 18 minors) league if you’re interested in joining. We are currently in the draft, in the 28th round of the draft. The team you would be taking over has drafted all its major league active players. The team is pretty good, very competitive, lineup. You would have to pick up the MiLB players. Also, it’s H2H Most Categories and being played on Fantrax. And it’s a dynasty league so hopefully it runs for a long long time. The league is free. We’re looking for active owners, since some of the people originally owning the teams just aren’t active, or picking consistently in the draft Just PM me here if you’re interested. I’ll send you the link to join and more info on the roster. Thanks
  4. Here is something you might like. 16 team dynasty league, auction draft, expected to start next week. 18 MiLB, 10 reserve, 16 active. Its H2H most categories though, not sure if you’re interested in that kind of scoring.
  5. Hey y'all We have a new 16 team dynasty free league starting now, with a slow auction draft starting soon. There is a 18 player minor league system, with 16 active players (9 hitters, 7 pitchers), and a 10 player bench. It should definitely be a very interesting season, especially with an auction draft with all players eligible for pickups. And most importantly, ITS FREE, so there's definitely no reason for you not to join us. PM me through Rotoworld, and I will send you an invite. Also, the league is listed on fantrax, so you could also join that way if interested. Get your team now!
  6. Hey y'all! If anyone is interested in joining a new free dynasty league, 16 team, with a 15 MiLB roster. It is on fantrax, so super easy to use. The draft begins on 5th Jan, 6:30 pm. Slow draft, with 5 hrs between picks. Should be great fun. Looking for active owners up for a challenge. Here is the link to join:
  7. Hey! Could you you post more information on the league? Like what platform you’re using, when the redraft is, if it is paid or free, etc. I could be interested in joining your league. Thanks
  8. New free ESPN Fantasy League 18 teams 3 divisions - 6 teams each 8 playoff teams 5 Keeper system for each season Snake Draft on March 18th, 5:30 pm H2H Points 25 man rosters with 3 DL Spots Need active owners who are available to draft at the time mentioned above. Here’s the link to join this league: