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  1. Probably a good sign for a guy like Gallegos, but I wouldn't put too much stock in moves being made today in general. I think a lot of them are procedural and have to do with keeping players around that are out of options as long as possible before final cuts. Bunch of guys sent down that I'm guessing would have been on MLB rosters if today would have actually been opening day.
  2. Never heard of this Pujols kid. League is going to catch up to him and he'll flame out. Eventually proven right.
  3. Looks like a lot of the projection systems have him creeping up toward a 3.50 ERA and a WHIP north of 1.10, which seems pretty pessimistic. Targeting my SP1 with a mid fourth and have Corbin/Castillo/Kershaw as the candidates. Think Kershaw is third for me out of that group, but probably a higher floor than Castillo.
  4. I think his main appeal was the assumption of guaranteed regular ABs. Probably not the case anymore with Maybin around.
  5. JBJ vs LHP last year -- .640 Pillar vs. LHP last year -- .823 The biggest argument for keeping JBJ in the lineup against lefties was his defense. With Pillar, even though he isn't what he used to be in CF, the dropoff is not that steep. Throw in Bloom bringing the Rays platoom tendencies to Boston, this has to be about JBJ.
  6. It's hard to believe that Davis was 3.65/1.05 in Coors and led the league in saves just two years ago. I'm sure he will be a catastrophe, but maybe he'll start hot/lucky out of the gate like Holland last year and you can deal him to some poor bastard before he torches your ratios
  7. Might be interested if the auction date/time works. When is it?
  8. Doubt the knee is the real issue. Sounds like an excuse to give him a needed break. Betting he is right back in the ninth after 10 days.
  9. Just a guess, but I think right now they consider Lugo their most effective reliever and aren't concerned about roles, just winning games, so they will pitch him whenever he is needed most in the late innings and not lock him into closer or set-up guy.
  10. Doolittle has been worked into the ground by Nats, Hader says, hold my beer....
  11. Today it appears to be Matt Magill (scoreless ninth for the save in a one-run game). Tuivailala clearly has the best numbers. My guess is there probably won't be a clear cut guy the rest of the way and they'll go matchups/committee, unless the decide to ride with a guy like Austin Adams when he comes back.
  12. Dialing back the juice factor on the ball would certainly help Hader since nearly all of his runs come on the long ball, but so would not asking him to get 4-6 outs several times a week. It would really help Hader if they had someone else reliable to share the burden but their other late-inning options like Jefferies, Peralta, Burnes and Knebel have all been ineffective or hurt. They don't trust anyone else and they need every win so they keep running him out for multiple innings and have run him into the ground.