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  1. Maddon apparently not listening as Robles warming up with Angels down 8-4...
  2. Ty Buttrey continues to attempt to convince Maddon to give Robles another shot...
  3. My immediate reaction is its absolute Closer Chaos when you have a guy ranked #18 who has only thrown 2/3 of an inning this year and is supposedly in a committee.
  4. I wouldn't dump Jairo just yet. I'd still guess he get the next opportunity but figure its worth stashing Bard just in case until we get some more clarity on the situation.
  5. Bard bails out the Rockies after Jairo couldn't clean up a mess in the ninth -- came in with two on with an 8-3 lead and let both inherited runners score and two more while getting only one out. Normally I'd say just a blip but it's not like Jairo has built up a lot of confidence or is a proven closer so as an owner I'm a little worried and just took a flyer on Bard. Probably a lot to ask of him to go from basically out of baseball to closing at Coors, but he has always had the stuff. We'll see.
  6. Diaz works a scoreless top of the ninth with Mets trailing 2-1. Perhaps inching back into the circle of trust.
  7. Agreed, replacing him now would seem pretty fishy. Although if he's giving up bombs to Cervelli, he'd be dead in the water against Mike Trout (or Tim Salmon. I'll stop now).
  8. I have Hirano stashed on IL on one of my teams and don't have high expectations because as has been mentioned Williams has established himself pretty well, Edwards probably has better stuff and Adams will be back as well to figure into the mix. But would have to disagree with the barely any swing and miss analysis. He did have a K/9 rate of 10.36 last year. Certainly not elite, but not bad either.
  9. Drake to the IL. Guess that explains his recent lack of usage.
  10. Pressly was fine so he's likely the guy going forward. But this Enoli Paredes kid was electric in the 10th and 11th, blowing people away in big spots despite getting squeezed. It's only like his third MLB appearance so I doubt he figures into the saves mix, but a guy to keep an eye on down the line
  11. Here is his deal: GOOD: He has looked fantastic and he has converted every ninth inning save opportunity that the Royals have had this year. BAD: He has a history of control problems and the Royals have only had two ninth inning save opportunities
  12. Helsley one of the two new Cardinals to pop positive for the virus, so adjust your closer pecking order accordingly....
  13. Taylor Rogers gives it up. Doubt he's in any real danger since they are the first two runs he had given up this year but you never know if he starts to lose more chances to Romo if it's righty-heavy in the ninth,
  14. No Hendriks tonight. Guessing trying to keep his workload down since he worked three of the last four days. Soria looking to finish it.
  15. If you were holding on to Burdi (like me) you can cut bait -- 45-day IL
  16. For saves, no. In general, depends on what you have for starters but I'm guessing he won't be particularly useful his first couple turns since he is not stretched out.
  17. I'm assuming this means Gallegos is the guy, but I grabbed Helsey just in case. Maybe CMart when he's back off the Covid list as well.
  18. Cardinals just announced that they are shifting Kim into the rotation....
  19. I could have guaranteed you that Buttrey would get the save opp tonight (after giving up runs in four of his first five outings) because of course I cut him earlier in the day. My bad for not tipping everyone off -- would have been free saves all around on me.
  20. Hand goes 1-2-3 in the ninth with a K to nail it down. Not great for the Karinchak investors.
  21. I'd say depends on what your other options are. When I have watched him pitch, he has looked great, and I think he is the reliever that they have the most confidence in right now. But the problem is that Royals just aren't going to generate a ton of saves chances and when they do, it might depend on how the game falls whether or not he gets the opportunity. If maybe 5-6 saves ROS with solid ratios (although with the short season one blowup can always torpedo that) and a good K rate works for you, I'd say it's a hold. But there might be other guys out there with more pure saves upside. I'm holding.
  22. New Padres closer rankings: 1. Kirby Yates 2. Luis Patino 3. Drew Pomeranz (Kidding but not really kidding, Patino supposed to be NASTY)