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  1. He is not returning his pre draft value on THIS team and I said it 2 weeks into the season and people called it harsh. He is a 5th-6th round player right now and could be at most a 4th round player at this point with so many players breaking out this year.
  2. As long as he is healthy he is top 70 guy easily.
  3. I got him in a 3rd round of my draft and I thought I had a steal just like i had with Beal last year who I picked in 3rd round also. I thought he will lead this team and be a main guy on a young team but I was wrong. I am not a panic guy but no way he will be able to put up numbers and be a 2nd to 3rd round guy with this Pelicans team. I just hope he makes 2-3 good games in a row so I can get a fair return in a trade
  4. He has tons of upside . Imagine him in Houston Rockets right now, he would be close to Capella stats plus better ft%
  5. My Beal and Dinwidie for his Oladipo and Bledsoe. What do you think ?
  6. I took him in 6th round so his production thus far is late 5th and early 6th round value but I still have high hopes in him to be a top 40 fantasy asset till the end of season. I have him and Kanter and its frustrating to own them because of the minutes they play, specially Kanter.
  7. 15 5 7 with 2 steals on 0.5 shooting works for me. I ll rather have him shooting efficiently midrange and going to the rim then shooting 3s which isnt his game really. Hitting a three occassionally is a nice bonus though.
  8. Notable players on Wire list : Justin Holiday Vucevic Millsap T. Prince Oubre Olynik W. Matthews Dedmon
  9. Hi to all I just registered I play in Roto 10 teams league, curently 1st but I m losing points currently so need to take some actions This is my team PG Lowry,Bledsoe, Payton SG G.Harris, Barton, Courtney Lee SF Ingles J. Lamb PF Lebron Favors Nowitzki C Cousins Deandre Jordan I am last in TOs so TO ratio doesnt bother me . I am by far the best assist team so I can afford to sacrifice some of the assist. What I lack now is 3pts , FTM , FT% and thats where I need to improve. I have a trade pending My Ingles and Payton for Jrue Holiday and George Hill. What do you think about Jrue because he is the player that interests me because I ll drop Hill anyway? Can he maintain 4th round value? I am waiting for Ingles to start putting Numbers again. I am watching his game lately and it frustrates me seeing him as a pass first SG/SF , taking like 6 shots a game. Payton is a great contributor in many areas but not in FT and 3pt so I am willing to trade him . I am considering Favors and Courtney Lee trade now. What players should I look for ? Thanks