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  1. 4 games this week with little else on the wire. I’m rolling with him
  2. Damn. 2 games next week, 3 the week after. For those of us starting playoffs next week, bleh
  3. Claimed by Detroit. Rose out for weeks, Brandon Knight quad injury. Don’t want to make a preemptive add cuz Casey but with high usage, he gonna get buckets
  4. Buddy in the dog house. Baze playing 6th man role... and closed out the last 3/4 games. Is it time to pounce?
  5. Lights out shooting, ok streamer but once his shot falls off he provides no supporting stats in any other cats. Ride him while he's hot but don't hesitate to cut him like yayo once he inevitably falls back to earth
  6. Maybe? Only thing Juancho gonna get you is more 3s and maybe a few assists. Every other category Dieng smashes
  7. I mean Rotoworld had no hand in Clarke getting injured. I'm sure if he played over 30 minutes a game, he would have a decent chance at early round value. Sucks for Clarke owners, but who could've known?
  8. Clarke reevaluated in 2 weeks. Same for JJJ. We just got blessed with early round value boys!!
  9. If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen
  10. Remember when Drummond came to CLE, neither Love nor Tristan got traded, and we thought Nance was gonna fall off a cliff? Mikal's in the same situation. Still the starting PF and minutes have been steady around 30 aside from a blowout to the Raptors. Not tryna argue... just want to stop y'all from preemptively dropping a guy that has been trending up recently and secured his role as his team's lockdown defender, who has the ability to singlehandedly carry you in stocks
  11. Y'all play in points leagues? Mikal's rank over the past month in standard 9 cat leagues is 31.... shooting almost 50% from the field, 96% from the line with 1.1/10.8/4.3/2.6 with 2.0 stls and 1.1 blks (!!) If I had him, no way I'm dropping that.
  12. Subbed in for Clarke @ PF with 7 minutes to go in the first. Hope Jenkins keeps being open to playing 2 bigs on the floor at once
  13. Line salvaged in garbage time. I'll take the 4 blocks