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  1. Damn... if MRI reveals broken bones or ligaments, that's basically Lisfranc injury. Same injury as Cam had in Carolina, Lev Bell in 2013. Bad injury for football players, 6-12 weeks recovery. Let's pray nothing's broken
  2. Those runs in the fourth quarter were pretty damn strong lol
  3. After Wilson got injured (same leg) after seemingly rushing back from a calf injury, I would think Shanny would have doubts about throwing Coleman in head first & might choose to ease him back in. Niners can't really afford any more injuries to the backfield
  4. He looked great today. Shifty, hard, sharp jump cuts. Breaking tackles on a lot of his runs. Even had one nice catch for 16 yards. It took Jeff Wilson getting injure, but McKinnon seemed to lack even more burst & lateral quickness in this game after Wilson got carted off. Let's see if he starts as the 1st & 2nd down back next week. Personally I think he will
  5. He was also getting past his man on almost every single play. Minshew gets scared and starts scrambling instead of staying in the pocket. He also almost never makes the correct read. Quite frustrating as a Chark owner, then I remember at least I'm not a Jags fan. This one is out of our control, don't fret... just bench Chark going forwards until we see how Glennon plays out
  6. Yup, the Fins don't give a flying fuuuuk about a mentor if the price is right.
  7. Chark is absolutely fed up with Minshew's GARBAGE accuracy. 9 targets for 1 reception. Not ever gonna blame Chark again, he's open almost every play, including double/zone coverages let alone 1 on 1 situations
  8. Is he a speculative add & stash if you have someone droppable or is this guy completely washed? Gronk made a resurgence this year, feel like it all coms down to his rapport with Lamar and if Lamar trusts him
  9. Seems like it, right? First Rhule said he probably doesn't see CMC coming back Week 7, now he leaves the door open but remains ambiguous. My guess is that CMC looks healthy enough to play as of right now. I think he will be a GTD against NO depending on how involved he is in practices this week
  10. Well I put my faith in 33 year old DeSean Jackson to start the season so technically Alshon is an upgrade. Sign me up
  11. What's the common timeline for a grade 2 hamstring strain? I'm wondering if JJ is even worth a top 5 waiver claim/15%+ FAAB
  12. Wondering if Tonyan has a better long-term outlook and if anyone finds him swappable for a Gesicki/Henry/Engram/Hooper/Ebron/Howard type
  13. Two questions monumental to his gaining and keeping FF friendly role in the backfield: Can he CATCH the ball as competently as Burk/White? Will he be the RZ back?
  14. Coulda had an EVEN better day with that 40 yard bomb dropped perfectly thrown to him