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  1. Lauri will actually slide to the 5 similar to points during last season and Thad will play the 4, FWIW
  2. Ya’ll need to chill lol. 1) WCJ ain’t even had his MRI yet 2) Gafford is more like John Henson than Mitch Rob
  3. The sprain looked pretty bad tbh, I'm thinking 3-4 weeks
  4. I want to drop this dude so bad but every time I'm itchin to do it theres this voice inside my head that says "ain't no way an NBA player can shoot 30% from the field the entire season"
  5. I feel like ppl are currently sleeping on this man with the news of KP without a time table to return... 3/18/4/3 today and 4/14/14 yesterday with over 30 minutes played in each game Add worthy, no?
  6. This dude just got tagged "without a time table to return" Uh Oh
  7. I’m good with him getting to the line as little as possible if he’s gonna maintain his current percentages. He did hit all 8/8 last game tho
  8. Chill bro, nobody even claimed something remotely close to that production Huerter will be good for 2/13/3/4/1stl/.5blk on good percentages which is serviceable as an end of bench guy in standard leagues His main value comes from his consistent assists since he’s playing back up point and staggered with Trae as much as possible. Dimes are hard to find on the waiver wire with consistent production in other categories. Neither Hunter nor Reddish have the ability to rack those up
  9. He looks sharp out there. I think his stock potential comes from his ability to sniff out plays and intercept passing lanes, since he isn't the greatest athlete has a very average wingspan I watched the whole game yesterday and both of his steals happened this way which was pleasantly surprising
  10. If the dude was still good at basketball he would've probably been given the chance to start much earlier With that being said, he does have 1-1-1 potential with a couple of extra 3s and dimes thrown in if he's gonna play 32+ minutes a night. I added him as soon as I could because of the opportunity in front of him now, but mainly because he looks like Chance the Rapper
  11. He passes alot. Three outcomes: 1) Assist 2) Turnover 3) Nothing
  12. Hope it's just a contusion and they are playing it safe...