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  1. Josh Jackson for him? I think i cant take it anymore, now it seems even the coaching staff gt a little bit angry or impatiently
  2. To be his owner is really frustrating. I dont know what to do because i would be even more frustrated if he starts to thrive after i dropped him.
  3. I agree with almost everything. With saying he is too good to be that bad i didnt meant in the real NBA. I just think in a fantasy format he is too good to get dropped easily. I have to be honest i didnt watched the Hawks a lot this year.
  4. He was one of my best picks from the waiver wire back in october but right now his performance is really really disappointing but im holding. He is just too good to be that bad.
  5. My only problem with him is his free throw shooting besides that i am very pleased with him so far.
  6. Got him yesterday from the waiver list before the game against the Mavericks. Are very dissapointing start for hom on my squad but after reading all the comments here ill stay with him for a few more games.
  7. In my league he got drafted at position 80 and got dropped somewhere at the beginning of the season so i took him from the waiver
  8. I took him today and dropped RoLo. I believe very strong in a very quick Mirotic trade and even a RoLo trade is possible in my oppinon that would leave Portis with a lot of upside. I hope I am right on this one.
  9. I dont believe in his future season outlook even if he stays on on the Bulls, I couldnt build him in a trade but I´m sure someone in my league is takin from the waiver list and I believe quite strong in a mirotic trade. I hope I am right on this one.