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  1. Where you are from - Anchorage Alaska Age - I am 29 years old. Fantasy baseball background - I have been playing fantasy sports for 12 years and 8 years of that has been keeper and dynasty leagues. 3 of those I have been in for 5 years. I do not quit, but some leagues fall apart. What's most important to you when you seek out a new league opportunity to join - Level of involvement from owners, even in the off-season. What characteristics do you bring - dedicated active player that sets lineups everyday makes moves and monitors the league even in off-season. I want an invite, I will play for a long time to come. My email is Thanks, -Sean
  2. I will take the lancaster gears, if they are still avaiable. If not eithier of the other 2 will work. Send the invite to Thanks
  3. I am interested. Please email me an invite.
  4. When and how will payment be collected. Thanks. You can email me so we can discuss it.
  5. Yes please. I was logged in on my wife's account when I signed up. So I need to sign up on my account. Sorry and thank you.
  6. Can you please resend the link. It is not working. Thanks.
  7. I will take The Canuck then. Thanks Sean