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  1. Rose is gonna be 6th man for sure if he keeps this level
  2. Derrick Rose gotta be in the 6th man conversation
  3. Got offered Vuce for Horford and Melo. Do it?
  4. Got offered Wiggins for Big Al and DRose. Do it?
  5. i do not like his game at all but i would love to see him on my team.
  6. i really hope you are right. hes been an awesome streamer for 3s lately.
  7. i benched him yesterday because he sucked so hard lately. guess this is karma coming back at me.
  8. played only 22 minutes and took way less shots yesterday
  9. In my league (14) bertans and holmes were late drafts
  10. might even be the second best ww pickup after graham?
  11. Do i trade my Lowry for Graham? Not sure what to think of Graham right now.
  12. at this point i feel like mclemore is doing a really solid job which could ruin both mclemores and gordons value once gordon returns.