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  1. I've lost the following players: KAT, FFV, Brogdon, Holmes, Graham. I literally have two draft picks left on my squad: Gallo and AD. AND YET I'M A FEW HOURS AWAY FROM MAKING THE SEMIS IN OUR COMPETITIVE PAID 12 TEAM H2H LEAGUE. (we moved them way up to avoid any sort of rest bullshit as much as possible) A ******** shout out Gallo, who has been mostly a ******** rock this year for me and had a strong playoff week.
  2. lol, I picked up curry last night from our waiver after the positive update. Other owners looking at me like I'm a mad man given I'm basically conceding this week and the next couple. but I'm just trying to set myself up for playoffs. Curry has a mediocre playoff schedule but he's steph curry he can do more in 3 games than most guys in 4.
  3. The crowing in here is unreal. "fantasy vets" crowing after 1 game where he went 7-16 1-2 only 6 boards and was credited with 2 fluke steals that Dunn actually created? Where if he doesn't get those his line is mediocre for most h2h builds at best? Where he shot 14% over his career and season three point percentage? You guys like at points too much or something? This is not a great line. This is a like a 90-120 type line and it's the absolute best you'll get out of him. Yikes.
  4. Jim finally gets him in the game with 3 minute left in the quarter and he immediately gets a block.
  5. he's already 0-2, lol. make that 0-3, he's chucking as I predicted. Boylen is a ******** moron man.
  6. He'll go 5-14 tonight for 16 points, a three, no fts 6 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal, no blocks and three turns. So he's moved into the back end top 150 instead of back end top 250. More power to him and his owners I guess.
  7. He doesn't take enough FT right now to really kill you there and the 6 cat upside is pretty legit imo. I dropped him for Mikal the other day then picked up back up last night (dropping Mikal lol) when I saw nobody in my league was quick on the trigger. My squad is bloodied and bruised but I'm positioned well for the playoffs and can weather the storm so I'm looking long term. Culver is the type of guy that could be big time come fantasy playoffs. That said, he might also be back on my waiver in a couple days. We'll see how it plays out.
  8. All I'm looking for is 11 points on 5-7 from the floor, 1-2 FT, 8 boards, 1 assist, 1 steal, 2 blocks. Just gimme my stocks and FG% boost.
  9. bruh imma stop you right there. 1st, do you watch the Bulls every night like I do? Thad Young is being used as a primary playmaker at times. He's wildly overmatched in this stupid a** role Boylen has him playing. As such, he's shooting black hole. And he doesn't contribute positive in anything except steals. There's a reason he's currently ranked 224 on standard 9 cat on #basketball. Dude, come on, you gotta come with facts at me:
  10. It's build and league dependent but it's Gafford imo just because he'll help you in FG% and blocks big time whereas Young is just kinda meh across the board and will actively drag down your FG%. If you're desperate for the stuff Young would provide (occasional three, some steals, some points) there are better guys probably on your waiver.
  11. same except I dropped culver instead of bridges after adding both last night. they are all very similar plays imo and have pretty big upside relative to anybody else this time of year in 12+ team competitive leagues.
  12. he looked fine and a young buck looking to make a name for himself with the guy in front of him out? I'd imagine he's ready to go Wednesday night. The injury looked very minor to be honest he sorta just had it twisted at a wierd vertical angle violently then went down like he was shot but tried to stay in the game, got it taped and played quite effectively the rest of the way. I'm sure he'll be sore but I don't think this injury has any bearing on his availability or really impact with Carter Jr out for a few weeks at best.
  13. he was carried off the court then mavs tv showed him being wheeled into the locker room. it's not good. I'd imagine best case it's a couple weeks more realistically 4-6.
  14. worth a speculative add for anybody looking for traditional big man stats, especially blocks. Probably should be owned in 12 teamers until Carter Jr is back, who appeared to sustain a very bad ankle injury. He had to basically carried off.