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  1. Just to give some kind of idea what the trade market is right now, I traded Davante Adams for Claypool, R. Woods and D. Montgomery (not sure if this should be posted here or elsewhere)
  2. Half the people on here are Chubb rosterors just seeing what the Hunt rosterors are saying to hopefully feel better about Chubb
  3. I drafted JT in the 3rd round not knowing he would be 3rd on the depth chart and now sense that JT has low-end RB0 upside right currently (RB0 is the next level up from RB1)
  4. Anybody else drop Bundy after that big Mid-Season Slump? ;D
  5. 3 for 4 is alright for BA but just one run is a bit of a let down. Where's the power?
  6. The obligatory homer is fine but the 1/4 is not helping me with BA
  7. Been getting solid mileage out of this Montero lately
  8. "She's a great girl, man. We're good friends."
  9. Grant is ranked NUMBER 3 on Yahoo over the last 14 days (!!!) (9 Cat; also, No. 38 over the last 30 days) (!!!)