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  1. The numbers I shared proved my point. I don't understand why you aren't understanding the numbers I shared? I felt like they are pretty clear. EDIT: For the last time, they BOTH have had 4 games each where they score under 16. As for scoring between 16-25 points, Julio has done it 4 times to Hill's 3. As for scoring more than 25. Hill and Julio both have done it 5 times except, Julio has not reached 30 or more. So explain USING numbers and logic what you're point here is? I have proven they are equally consistent with equal floors. Hill just has a higher ceiling. Julio might be more consistently around 20-30 where has Hill ranges from 20-40 which to me favors Hill...your points make no sense.
  2. When was Henry or Duke traded in real life? Am I missing something?
  3. You don't have a point that is proven by fact. That's MY point. I'm proving to you that they have the SAME FLOOR. Difference is that Hill has the higher ceiling. So yes, if given choice between two players with similar floor and one has higher ceiling, I will take the one with higher ceiling. Despite your claims, Hill HAS been consistent. If you take away his ridiculous games and downgrade him to some 20 point games instead, his numbers will essentially match Julio. Is that what you prefer?
  4. I just proved to you that so far this season, their floors have proved to be essentially the same. What else? EDIT: It seems like you're just saying things without basing what you're saying on any facts or legitimate information.
  5. What? Games scoring 7-10 pts: Julio 1, Hill 2 Games scoring 11-15 pts : Julio 3, Hill 2 Games scoring 16-20 pts: Julio 1, Hill 2 Games scoring 21-25 pts: Julio 3, Hill 1 Games scoring 26-30 pts: Julio 2, Hill 0 Games scoring 31+ pts: Julio 0, Hill 4 This is based on PPR format btw Their low scoring games of 15 pts or less is virtually the same, except Hill just has a higher variance because of his higher ceiling. So yeah, similar floors, but higher ceiling goes to Hill. You were saying?
  6. Julio has 3 TDs in 10 games but averages a TD every week? That's quite a mind bender.
  7. Huh? He has only scored below double digits ONCE in PPR which is the same as Michael Thomas. Hill has had 3 weeks in between 10-15 pts while Thomas has 2 weeks here. Hill has scored in the 20's twice ,30's twice, 40s once, and 50s once. How is that not WR1 material? At some point, its necessary to just call a spade a spade. Hill is a WR 1 and there is no logical debate to refute that. When you rate fantasy WRs, what do you use as criteria since you clearly don't use numbers?
  8. With Kerryon out, Marvin Jones hurt and Tate in Philly,, who are all these Detroit weapons you speak of? I say Chicago is the way to go here. Easily.
  9. I'm telling you, if you are interested in switching, Sleeper is the way to go. It has the best of both worlds IMO. Clean interface similar to ESPN, but also the stats and data organization of Yahoo. You can view season stats, weekly stats, average weekly stats, projected stats, projected avg stats. You can view trendy FA pickups. Plus the chat interface is fantastic and creates much more league activity, smack talk, etc IMO. Another cool thing about Sleeper is it alerts you (in the chat) whenever a change is mind. If the commish does anything, it alerts you by saying "commish made changes blah blah". OR if someone picks up a FA or there is a trade, it alerts you in the chat with "so and so team made a free agent claim!". I like this as it makes everyone aware of all activity. In ESPN or Yahoo, you would have no idea if anyone makes any moves unless you look.
  10. Thanks for the advice. His lack of logic and preference to troll is frustrating and I'm done responding to it. Honestly, I never should've even got into the debate with him so I'll add him to my list now.
  11. I do agree with that. The way they organize stats, etc is very strange. Another thing that bothers me about ESPN and the inability to adjust your lineup or view your projections in future lineup. (For example, it's week 3 but you want to view your projected stats for week 5.) These shortcomings with ESPN outweigh the shortcomings for Yahoo to me. I just hate their interface. It seems very "kiddy" to me if that makes sense. I prefer the clean, simple interface to ESPN or Sleeper
  12. I am deciding between similar QBs with Mahomes on bye, though don't have luxury of picking up Mitch... Who do you go with between Jackson/Winston? Winston makes me nervous with the back and forth between he and Fitz. If Winston throws two picks, does he get yanked for Fitz?
  13. In my main league we made the switch to Sleeper and it is by far the best platform. It's honestly not even close. Still in an ESPN league and I'm also part of a Yahoo league that intends to make the switch to Sleeper next year. Of all platforms I've experienced, Yahoo is the worst. Easily. The aesthetics seem very juvenile and cluttered. Just too much going on. For anyone debating a switch, I'd highly recommend Sleeper.
  14. Seems like he was given the start just because it was against his former team. He "started", caught a screen pass on their first play from scrimmage, then left the game...
  15. I plugged him in and needed he and Mahomes together to outscore Hunt by 17 points. I won. Sammy's 1.4 pts was really helpful too. #sarcasm
  16. Probably bc with the talent they consistently have, they consistently underachieve.
  17. As a Patriots fan, I know exactly what you were referring to and it doesn’t apply. It’s called the tuck rule. Mahomes wasn’t tucking. LOL. Mahomes forward pass, tipped and incomplete. Upon review, Brady “tuck rule” bc Brady stops throwing motion to try to tuck the ball. Why are you comparing the two? They aren’t even close to similar.
  18. Glad you pointed that out. I cracked up when he said that. Thanks for the insight and broken English Booger, lol. I feel dumber after each MNF game listening to these goobers.
  19. If your arm is moving forward why wouldn’t it be a forward pass though? No reason to just attribute it to “Brady rule”. And I’m not sure which Brady play you’re referring to?
  20. Huh? I’m not on reddit nor did I mention ANYTHING about reddit. I didn’t criticize anyone all I did was respond to someone whining that the Josh Reynolds thread wasn’t closed. If you’re going to accuse me of something at least try to be accurate please? Leave me alone and enjoy the game. And correct, the only one bringing personal insults and name calling into the thread is you.