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  1. What do the practice squads look like? or can you post a link to the Proboard site.
  2. Some of the key players that this team has: Willson Contreras, Gavin Lux, Kyle Tucker, Yordan Alvarez, Eloy Jimenez, Jorge Soler, Carlos Correa, Luis Castillo, Blake Snell, Masahiro Tanaka, Brendan McKay Plus good prospects in the minors.
  3. Also, if you fill out the application, please register into Proboards so you can be messaged.
  4. Thanks for the interest. You have to fill out the application on proboards
  5. -Free 10 team, H2H Cats league with year round activity, ran on ESPN and Proboards for off-season activities. -Salary cap league where we use real player contacts, so when a player becomes a free agent in real life they are a free agent in our league. -Off-season bidding for free agents (Strasburg, Cole, Rendon, ect...) -Each team owns the rights to 3 minor league system. You own the rights to all players on those teams from rookie ball to AAA and any players those teams draft in the future. -You can trade vets for prospects if you're looking to rebuild, prospects for vets for a title run or prospect for prospect. -Open team: -Milb roster hasn't been updated, so you can add prospects to your roster from Washington, Atlanta and Kansas City minor league teams. -Looking for an owner that will stay active year round *If interested: 1.Read over the rules 2.Sign up into Proboards and fill out the application on the home page 3.Brian will send you a message on Proboards, so will need to check back in occasionally to receive his message.
  6. M-M-M-Mike Soroka! is now taken Day of Ricking is still available.