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  1. Up a point in .5ppr. My Montgomery/Sloman LAR kicker vs. Kupp/Chicago D Kyler and Kirk saved me sunday night
  2. A. The Bills are a throw first team. B. Josh Allen 6 rushing touchdowns a year is in the bank C. Devin Singletary Why are you fostering this guy a home unless you absolutely have to
  3. Acquired Michael Thomas, hammy next day. Oh come on
  4. I'm 3-2 My backs right now are Davis and Moss My other TE is Wallee My QB is Bridgewater I was offered Kyler, Connor, and Montgomery for CMC and Kelce Do I accept?
  5. @TuckAndRolle winston deliberately targeted Evan's and Godwin, even when they weren't open. Brady is in between Winston and Rodgers on target distribution. In a weird inverted paradox somewhere: people are telling you to buy amari right now because dem boys will be playing behind all season. They're wrong, same story with Dak, who peppered amari. Yet another 4th round draft choice better than Godwin, red terd or not. Let me put it this way: Ronald Jones this year has many more touches than Ronald Jones last year. A lot of that is from having a secondary that isn't high school level. The Bucs were outstanding against the rush last year two... A #2WR on a losing Bucs team is worth more than a #2WR on a winning Bucs team... I would offer for Jones even with Fournette looming. And based on perception you could probably get another player if we're going by the I drafted Godwin in the 4th round and he belongs with the likes of Metcalf, Amari, Thielen thoughtcast
  6. Well the Bengals have a decent running back at least 😮
  7. So he's on pace for 1,000 yards and 8 tds IF you extrapolate a sss? I swear someone projected a similar stat line, and while useful, not wr1, not a stud. I think you might of heard 1,000 6/7 from my text
  8. This graph says Terry McLaurin is the best wr in football. Seems legit.
  9. Sure. I hit every round past round 8 except for DEF and K. I'll sip on my milk and cookies knowing that Shephard is their new primary target within a couple weeks. You mise as well go pick up AJ Green. Same odds
  10. Shephard coming back. Saquan hurt. Jones has thrown a grand total of 3 TD's all to Slayton. Giants defense sucks, which is relevant when your QB can't move the ball either. Slayton has done zilch except for a huge week 1. Weird take? He's bye filler.
  11. You mean last year? When Winston threw 30 ints, and the Bucs secondary was the worst in the league? Forcing Winston into shootouts... into volume? Now let's look at today. The qb is 43 years old, you gonna want him chucking 40 times a game when you have a sturdier offensive line, a 2TD lead and you add another bruiser in Fournette to wind that clock. Not to mention a much stronger defense? Get a grip on reality. The Bucs have a completely different team AND SCHEME. And last week was an undefeated Packers. What happens when its 17-3 at halftime against some mediocre team? Gonna chuck the ball and get volume like winston did being down 24-10? I dont think so I give Godwin 600 yards and 3/4 TD's for his shortened year And I live in Tampa, bro.
  12. Getting: Michael Thomas Tonyan Giving: Amari Andrews
  13. I saw his first game. I started him immediately and nothing has changed. This guy is a future superstar with a very high ceiling. Ffs a third of the chargers roster is injured and hes still putting up 20 fanpoints a week as a standard. He had 180 yards and 3 td's in the first half a week or 2 ago. Drink the koolaid. I just might trade away Murray so this dude dont rot on my bench. (I picked him up in both of my leagues)