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  1. Nobody runs on the Bears. If you benched Jones because he didn't play well against the best run stoppers in the league... That's on you.
  2. Please ReyLo. Don't get bombed in Minnesota. Just eat up 6 innings with 5 k's and 3 or 4 runs for the love of God.
  3. Looks like I'm eating cro this past week with Yordy. 333/500 with a 5-3-5 line. The score is now tied 1-1. Two weeks to go. I would draft him mid 30's. There's just too many sure things for me to go earlier than that. Arenado might even slip to the end of round one. That's how rich the pool is.
  4. I'm starting ReyLo tonight @Twins. Why? I have 5 starters going on Thursday. Let me just vent in advance
  5. My magic 8 ball says to start him today. Yikes. There was plenty of reason to believe from what he did post all star break last year... Which was in fact ace material.
  6. Some guy said my team was trash after he lost 6-5-1. He claimed I wasn't going to get a bye week because he was going to get it, and that he had the better team built through draft(I think he meant inaugural draft of this keeper league). He still has Arenado and Freeman. My first 4 draft selections 3 or 4 years ago was Miggy, Jose Fernandez, Charlie Blackmon, and Jason Heyward. I replied: Over the past 3 or 4 years these were my non keeper draft selections starting with most recent: Contreras #130ish Meadows #160 Ketel Marte 250 Jorge Soler 300 Willie Calhoun 300+ Previous years: JoRam 140 Eugenio Suarez 200 Mike Clevinger 200 ... Which one of us drafts guys worth a damn past top 100? Somehow we became rivals. Oh, and I got the bye week, and he dropped to 4th. #longliveposthype
  7. He's now one home run shy of being tied for the major league lead.
  8. Thank you Paul Sporer for incessantly hyping this guy so high that I drafted him. Gonna magic 8ball his starts RoP
  9. I won't be checking fantasy tonight. The race was really tight. I don't have to stick around this week cause I got that Bye Bye Bye. See you next week.
  10. Word around the campfire is that Dave Roberts is a POS that doesn't recognize that Urias is at worst LA's 4th best starting pitcher.
  11. There's a difference between rooting for someone to fail and understanding that scouting books at the major league level take about two months to go into effect. And yes weekly stats are rather important in H2H especially in September.
  12. I think he gets 4 innings. I read somewhere dodgers were planning an extra inning every start
  13. He's pitched against them 3 or 4 times this year and gotten shelled Everytime. Not starting
  14. I'm getting Contreras cano Laureano and maybe Suarez back this week. Segura back soon too but he doesn't matter as much. Losing joram and kiura really hurts SB. Playoffs next week, hopefully a bye. 1 game back of 1st and .5 from 2nd. 2 bye teams so I need to spoil the #7 seed from making it to 6th whose been having a Cinderella second half. Fun times when you go from favorite to edge of your seat having to pick up leury Garcia and Howie Kendrick trying to regain ground on a bye week
  15. My playoffs start next week. Not sure if he has two starts this or next week. I might even have a bye for next week. At least for me, he'll have a shot at a win come playoffs every week. Merry Christmas to one of his biggest supporters even before he got hurt way back when. #drafted