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  1. I'm beating myself over the head for dropping Dinwiddie in the 2nd/3rd week to pick up either PJ or Baynes who aren't even on my roster anymore smh.
  2. Do it. Once Nurkic comes back (sometime after the New Year) Whiteside's value drops substantially as Nurkic begins getting more minutes.
  3. I was offered Giannis for my Kyrie & CP3. I know I’m winning the trade but it’s gonna hurt losing all those assists. Should I pull now & worry about the assists later or is this a closer trade than I’m thinking? 10 team, 9cat league. My team Pg: Kyrie, Kemba, CP3 Sg: Josh Richardson, Brogdon Sf: Crowder, PF: WCJ, Jabari, Bagley, Skal (streamer spot) 😄 Gobert, Bam, Towns,
  4. Pat Bev. I hate owning anyone on the Knicks bc of Fizdale lol
  5. I'd say no. This isn't gonna affect the league much anyway ( you said they're both at the bottom).
  6. Whoever get's Vuc is going to win the trade.
  7. Fournier's highly dependent on his shooting %. Rozier will give you a bit of everything but will also tank your FG% most of the time. I'd do the trade just bc you're getting better value.
  8. Good trade for you. BAM is a beast & Aldridge can still step it up. PJ is a big mystery and seems to be trending down while Jrue is giving you probably what you're gonna get ROS
  9. That looked really bad. Who's the beneficiary pick up? RHJ?
  10. Debating if I should drop Will Barton for him. Thoughts?
  11. This is my team in a 10team H2H league. Made some last second picks that I regret afterward. Let me know what you guys think! Nikola Jokic Damian Lillard Kemba Walker Clint Capela Aaron Gordon Luka Doncic Will Barton Wendell Carter Jr Kris Dunn Nicolas Batum De'Aron Fox Nikola Mirotic Mario Hezonja (might drop for Rudy Gay soon)