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  1. Hey guys, 12 team mixed, H2H, 7x7 (extra categories are OBP, SLG, L, Hlds on top of the traditional 5x5). It's a keep-forever league and I'm able to keep 6. Bellinger, Eloy, G Cole are an easy 3. Then I have to choose 3 more out of: M Ozuna, Voit, Albies, G Torres, Fried, Y Alvarez, DJ LeMaheu. If Yordan Alvarez is healthy and running in spring, I'm probably going to take him. OBP/SLG monster! I love DJ and he has great multi-position eligibility next year but he's the oldest of the group. Torres the next great Yankee SS? Albies the next prime-Altuve? Ozuna had a 179 wRC+ in 2020!! I can make a case for all of these players, but who would YOU take? Thanks for any input, I will respond if you leave a link
  2. Thanks. I was thrown off by the comments next to Anderson's name (that are still there).
  3. Does anyone have an answer as to why Nick Anderson did not receive a Save for yesterdays game?
  4. Nick Anderson got a SV tonight, right? Yahoo is still not registering it 😕
  5. Fried pulled after 1 inning! I was really needing Clevinger and Fried to pitch well today 😕
  6. Clevinger's keeper value just plummeted. If he came back healthy and strong today, he probably would have been a top 15 SP going into 2021. He was already battling injury-stigma, no way people are going to draft him as their #2, never mind #1
  7. aaaaand Clevinger hurt after 1 inning
  8. It's championship week, need the better of the two, who would you rather have?
  9. I need a HUGE game from the Yankees in every possible way
  11. Looks to be Bauer Sunday, Castillo bumped up to Saturday, it looks like Gray will move to the pen after this start
  12. To answer my own question. Yes, Tuesday vs. TOR will be Cole's last start of the regular season.
  13. Does anyone have a solid source to know if Cole will be pitching Sunday? I mean he could and it would be on normal rest, but they want to save him for the playoffs...right?
  14. Thanks. I know 5 days of rest would be Sunday, but ESPN is contradicting our thoughts:
  15. So tomorrow will be Gray's last start of the year right?