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  1. 7 category offensive league, OBP and SLG on top of the normal 5 offensive categories. Bellinger's OBP skills are much better than Devers, Would you trade Devers and Verlander for Bellinger in a keep-forever?
  2. Soto is a superstar in OPS leagues and it bugs me I don't have him in my keep-forever league. It would take so much for me to get him, not even worth it. ANYWAY, Eloy is going to a be a great, possibly elite bat for years to come (.280+ 40+), and while his OBP may not be great, his SLG should be and he could have a .900 OPS for the next 10 years. Senzel has all the tools, it may just take a year or so. I like the Brandon Lowe addition as well, I get Dan Uggla type vibes from him. With how deep your league is, I think I would take the 3 players rather than Soto. But I wouldn't blame you for keeping Soto.
  3. Who would you rather have if the season is not played in 2020?
  4. I agree with this. In AAA (2018) his K-rate was 15% (over 450PA)! That's fantastic contact skills for a guy with 80 raw power. Even before that, he sat at a little better than 20% K-rate through the minors. He never walked much for a slugger but that can develop over time when pitchers realize they're facing a .280+ 40+ hitter. Plus he's a great student and has drive to continue to develop and listen to coaches.
  5. It's all a facade. It's a "fresh start" in LA, he'll mess it up, give him time
  6. They get daily meal money as well, most do other jobs in the offseason because they do not get paid. Here's a great video explaining it:
  7. Him being a #4 would be highly disappointing. I expect #3 with a real chance at #2. He's got tremendous K's, slight ground ball tilt, and somehow doesn't give up homeruns (super low HR/FB%?). His BBs are the only cause of concern, there's no guarantee he will improve but I would take a shot on it.
  8. I think they should! They'd probably win about 10 more games if they just took my advice consistently The decision unanimously passed in my league when the issue was brought up. Rosters will carry over to 2021 if the 2020 season is not played.
  9. My league specifically keeps 6 players year to year, keep them as long as you want. If you had that great of a draft, don't you have an advantage going into '21 with better keeper options? If we have a 2020 "season" there is potential for someone I drafted to breakout and replace one of my 6 superstars. But if there isn't a 2020 season, I would keep the same 6 players but would lose the benefit of having the awesome draft, which is unfair. but wouldn't it be unfair to give you the advantage of being able to keep the players you drafted in '20 AND give you all those picks again in '21? If 2020 is not played, I never received an advantage. I deserve my advantage in 2021. If the 2020 "season" is played, I did receive an advantage and 2021 draft order will not be duplicated from 2020.
  10. Oh they definitely will, I just think it's difficult for both sides. The owners need to mitigate risk (paying big money for a potential bust), but the players want to secure their future, yet at the same time still get paid the most they possibly can. The young talented, "future superstar" players will want insane money despite doing nothing yet at the MLB level. Franco will want an Acuna type deal, probably more. He said he wants 300 million on the table in the next few years
  11. I know everything is still way up in the air. Personally I do not think there will be a 2020 season but it's such an interesting scenario if there is. How are minor leaguers going to be dealt with? I read that there will not be minor league games in 2020 and that MLB rosters will be expanded to include a good amount of minor leaguers. If they do, do you think the minor leaguer's clock will start and begin getting service time? Are players like Wander Franco forced into the lineup due to their absolutely necessary continued development?
  12. If they somehow manage to have a shortened season, and expand rosters to include minor leaguers (because of no minor league games this year), will Franco be playing everyday? I mean, they have to right?
  13. Update: A fellow league mate has proposed the idea of reverse keepers. Normally we keep six and send 17 to free agency. For 2021 though we would keep 17 and send 6 to free agency. I'd be ok with it. Do you guys find this option unacceptable as well?
  14. The "punishment" is losing all the picks I traded for and never even got the chance to use them, costing me potential money and championships. Hypothetical Example: During the 2019 season I traded many players for picks and had to concede the 2019 season early then I would have liked. Oh well, at least greatly upgraded for the 2020 draft. Let's say I had three picks in the 1st round, three picks in the 2nd and 3 picks in the 3rd. The 2020 draft completes. Then the 2020 season is cancelled and doesn't happen at all. Then 2021 baseball picks up and all my picks are forgotten and we have a neutral draft? Seems like I'm the only one getting a bum deal. Just sucks to be the sacrificial lamb
  15. Well I always want what's best for me, so this situation is no different. So the answer to my question is just punish the people who had good drafts? Boohoo, too bad for everyone who sacrificed? I can put myself in other owner's shoes and see why I would want to redraft. Can you at least see where I'm coming from?