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  1. Ended up with this trade My Nate Pearson/Alex Kirilloff FOR Lance McCullers Tyler Glassnow Luis Patino Gave up 2 prospect studs, but got a piece to win now and another nice prospect.
  2. He offered.. My Nate Pearson/Baez FOR Lance McCullers Tyler Glassnow Luis Patino This route i get back a monster of a prospect. Thinking first is still probably better.
  3. Marquez as in the Cubs top prospect
  4. Got another offer His-Paddack/marquez/gurriel jr For my-Pearson/Baez
  5. He offered.. My Nate Pearson FOR Lance McCullers Tyler Glassnow Deivi Garcia Seems like a nobrainer, but I got Pearson for a dollar in minors draft, would be a steal for the rest of time and the guys i'm getting was had for decent prices. Regardless of salary thinking it might be too good to pass up.
  6. I like Glassnow alot, but it's hard to pass up on Jimenez upside as well. , .>
  7. 14 tm league. Needing some OF Help. Leaning towards accepting this offer. Thoughts? I GIVE: Tyler Glassnow/Lorenzo Cain I GET:Eloy Jimenez/James Paxton
  8. 150 dollar entry PTS H2H Weekly lineups Live draft is tonight GroupMe APP is also used for communication. Rules in link.... https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/leagueRulesSummary.go?leagueId=dzlgif15k8f1vdrv
  9. I'm down if there is a spot left. Email is rybailey13@yahoo.com
  10. @phantomfred Not a fan of your payout structure. Or I'd probably be down to join. Thanks though.
  11. looking for a competitive league, with around a 100 dollar entry. Only pts leagues. Anyone have any openings?
  12. ill take a spot in grid 4. email is rybailey13@yahoo.com
  13. Joined both. Is there a deadline for when I need to make the payment? (Obviously before draft time)
  14. How many spots left? looking for a competitive league.
  15. Very interested. Looking for a competitve league for me and my bro. Email is rybailey13@yahoo.com