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  1. You obviously did not watch how those analysts and commentators on their man crush on Kershaw and how they drool all over the Dodgers.....
  2. OK, is this better? 😄😄😄
  3. Does not sound good............. Realmuto is dealing with hip discomfort. Girardi sure sounded like he expects Realmuto to miss time moving forward. Whether that is a few days or a few weeks is unknown. "It's a real concern any time anyone gets an MRI," Girardi said. "We want to get an idea of exactly what's going on to give us a better way of treating it and knowing how long to expect they're going to be out. Is it going to be 3 to 5 days, is it going to be 10 days, what's it going to be? That's why we're doing the MRIs."
  4. Snit said something similar when Acuña hurt his wrist; but he ended up missing 3-4 days. But of course I do remember couple years ago when I believe he hurt his knee while running towards 1st; everyone thought he was going to miss a significant amount of time after watching the video, but he played the next day. I agree with FoulPole, he needs to have a better offseason program to get him conditioned and strong. I sure hope not another Andruw Jones in the making.
  5. Mookie had 14 appearances in 2014 and 1 in 2018; not great defensively @ 2B overall; but is passable I supposed. Apparently this switch was Mookie's idea, so we might get enough starts before season ends for him to be eligible as 2B in 2021! Something to get excited about!
  6. Here comes why he had diminished velocity..... bad news for those (including me) who needed him in the playoff... Braves placed LHP Max Fried on the 10-day injured list, retroactive to September 6, with a left-side muscle spasm in his lumbar spine.
  7. While Fried wasn't sharp, he has found ways to keep the team in the game as much as he possibly could. If Carmargo would have made that easy double play without trying to be flashy, Fried's final line today would have looked much better.
  8. Slater activated today and is the in lineup against Bumgarner! Never faced Bumgarner before; but he has traditionally hit against lefty well and especially this season with 1.527 OPS.
  9. What about Richard Rodriguez of PIT? Just got his 3rd SV and is only 13% rostered in Yahoo. PIT was 4-6 the last 10 games, if they play 500 baseball the rest of the way, he should get some SV's for a playoff team.
  10. He is in the lineup this afternoon and batting 6th! There is progress! OR It's just a Black Tease................
  11. He will miss this weekends game against the Fish and then evaluate... no IL stint for now.
  12. I've got Severino, Sale, and Thor sharing a 3 story bunk at one point; though I had traded Severino last year towards the end of last season at a bit of a discount price and this year I have got Stanton, Sale and Thor sharing. I am considering social distance them all.......
  13. I don't think it's that black and white when it comes to pitching in Colorado. I came across this article on purple row; this link is to their part 3 How to fix Rockies pitching problems; says that homegrown SP's have a positive ERA+ differences vs. that of the traded SP's. While Marquez is considered a traded SP, he was traded when he was in AA and the idea is that the longer you pitch in Colorado or thin air; the better you are going to be. As a matter of fact, the article stated 20% improvement. Pitch value, 2019 PITCHER WFB/C WSL/C Scott Oberg 1.51 2.07 German Marquez 0.39 -1.5 Having a positive value with his FB is a plus; he just needs to learn where to throw his SL to have enough effect to be a positive pitch value. I am no expert, but I think at 25 years of age, he will continue to learn how to pitch in thin air and be at least average when it comes to pitching in COL. If he eventually learn how to pitch in COL and be effective; I think even in shallow league, he can be a useful peace.