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  1. Appreciate the offer. Not quite the player pool I'm looking for. Thanks bud
  2. Kicking the tires to move out of my long term dynasty league. If there is a fit I'd be happy to jump in. *Not looking for a first year Dynasty (can't trust they stick around) *100% has to be an active chat *The deeper the better - my current league has a 70 man roster (30 MILB but 16 teams) I'm good with any size but players owned needs to be bare minimum 1000 *As far as weekly/daily cat/pts h2h/roto I can be flexible if the league is solid *Price, don't really care I'll go 0-$500 just need to know the league is extremely active Email - Text - 804.252.1997 Message me if you think there could be a mutual fit
  3. Luis Matos just brought up to the AZL the other day. Dude is lighting the world on fire. 34 XBH 21 SBs (Only 3 CS) .367/566/1004 12% SO Rate....and oh btw he's 17. 🔥🔥🔥 Don't look now but the Giants are loaded in the lower minors.
  4. Spin rate on his fastball looks to be at 2550 and his curveball at 3050. The guy is sitting 93-96 and I think could come into next year as one of the best pitching prospects in baseball. Question is does he hit the MLB by the end of the year coming off of a great spring? I know he has been on and around lists for a lot of years but I think it is time to really pump up the helium on this guy.
  5. It is still pretty low spin pitch though unless you think there has been even more development this offseason so in that case I think it is still very relevant. GB% was still sitting about league average in AAA and I think with his stuff it is going to be important for him to continue to pound the bottom of the zone. I like him a lot as a prospect I just think he is going to spend some more time in Gwinnett for a while. Atlanta is blessed with a lot of talent down in that rotation.
  6. It is highly likely this is a "spot start" to open the year. Gausman should take that spot the following week and he should spend some more time in AAA for a while Bryse is a good player though...he has a bulldog mentality on the mound and has a really solid fastball. You'll want to keep an eye on his GB% because I think that'll be the best indicator of his success going forward with his current pitch repertoire.
  7. We need to feel one spot. It is fantrax premium, but yes it is h2h points with minors. Email me if you're interested and I'll send the invite.
  8. We are looking to fill the remaining spots of a 14-team dynasty baseball league. The highlights are – H2H pointsWeekly Lock w/ injury substitutions$60 buy in which includes site feesRoster Size: 26 MLB and 20-25 Minor League System10 round slow draft on pro boards into a live draft*The draft order will be determined a week before the draft and pick trading is allowed/encouraged. The slow clock will be 24 hours and we’ll determine the draft date when the league is filled. We’re looking for a lot of offseason dialogue as well as throughout the season. We will be selecting a chat format within the first week.The league will be run on fantrax . If you have any questions or are interested feel free to PM me or email. The commissioner and co-commissioner’s emails are: &