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  1. Yeah sorry lol, it's not leaguesafe but yahoo handles the money. 9:30 mountains time. Standard PPR settings. 4 poitns per passing TD. Standard 3WR rosters, 12 team.
  2. Had an owner drop pretty last minute. First come first served. Get at me for linkage
  3. Nick Pivetta, baby. Not really though.
  4. Father and I looking for a league to both be in, so if theres not 2 open spots I'll have to be out. Sorry
  5. Draft at 10 central. 12 team weekly roto. $30 entry. Email allenmccabe15@yahoo for invite Now pushed back to 10:30 CST
  6. Nobody has mentioned the actual best thing about Yahoo. They hold the money and take no rake.
  7. Keeping Bichette over Machado is a little much, imo
  8. If you really think Glasnow is in for a huge year, then yes of course you trade a minor leaguer for him.