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  1. Nick Pivetta, baby. Not really though.
  2. Father and I looking for a league to both be in, so if theres not 2 open spots I'll have to be out. Sorry
  3. Draft at 10 central. 12 team weekly roto. $30 entry. Email allenmccabe15@yahoo for invite Now pushed back to 10:30 CST
  4. Nobody has mentioned the actual best thing about Yahoo. They hold the money and take no rake.
  5. Keeping Bichette over Machado is a little much, imo
  6. If you really think Glasnow is in for a huge year, then yes of course you trade a minor leaguer for him.
  7. You say "even if Soler regresses" like he's some sort of lock for even remotely close to what he just did. Rendon is a metronome. Soler, thus far, has been a single blip in a 6 year career and that regression would be to something he's never come close to doing outside that single blip. You shouldn't pay up the next year after a guy has a career year. It's not that $5 is expensive. It's that it comes at the cost of not keeping Rendon.
  8. Both CY candidates. Darvish higher upside(imagine a full season of that stretch he went on in the 2nd half?) but Corbin feels a little safer. Challenge trade with no clear winner until it's all said and done. I definitely wouldn't be doing Darvish+ for Corbin.
  9. Soto has been and is on pace to be historically good. He's literally never slumped. I want him.
  10. I'm dumping Soler and keeping Rendon. Hard to throw first round production back into the pool when you have it locked up.
  11. Pick a team each week and what? They can't lose for the entire week?