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  1. Let’s take a look at it. Go ahead and send invite, please
  2. Team is still open. First to set up profile and join (see above) gets the team.
  3. Just saw your post Paul. Please click on the Proboards (salarycap2020) link above and join as a member. Set your profile up as the White Sox. When you join I will contact you on there. Thanks.
  4. Need an owner to take over the Chicago White Sox First year league, 6x6 Dynasty, Salary Cap. Check out Proboards. Read the official rules and see if this league is for you. offline draft in progress. If you want the White Sox simply become a member of Proboards and set your profile up to join the league.
  5. Need a manager to replace Chicago White Sox manager who left the league for personal reasons. We are in Round 19 of 26 round offline draft. Come check us out. Read the official rules, see the draft unfolding. See your drafted team in progress. If you like the concept and want the White Sox, simply become a member on Proboards, set up your profile, and take over the White Sox. Look forward to seeing you. - New league, FREE, 20 team, Roto, Salary Cap/Contracts, Prospects. League scored on Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. Proboards used for transactions. -Offline Drafts - currently in Round 19 of 26 Rounds - 26 man major league rosters like MLB in 2020.- Staring position - (C,1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OFx3, UTIL, SPx3, RPx3; Px3; Benchx8). There will also be 5 DL and 5 NA spots.- 6x6 scoring (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, K, SV, ERA, WHIP, HLD)- No minimum MLB roster number.- 20 man maximum minor league roster- Max innings pitched of 1500
  6. what format? Fantrax, Yahoo, ESPN, CBS? Money league?
  7. The draft as you have designed will take a minimum of 72 days. One round every two days. Good luck. Be prepared to get rid of your 12 hour rule pretty quickly. Expect to replace from 3-10 managers before draft is completed. Getting rid of guys quickly who are not vested in your vision is important. Will keep the others guys interested. I have done what you have done twice already. Above is my experience. oh yeah,,put me on standby.
  8. I am in..... prefer Roto front load keepers only way to go like Yahoo.
  9. League is now full. However, please check the link and see If you would like to join. I can almost guarantee someone will flake out, not draft on time and be gone! There is a great chance I will need you within a week or two. We are drafting beginning Wednesday. Please leave your name and email on Proboards. Thanks