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  1. I'm desperate for points and 3s so I just scooped him to get an additional over the weekend. I'm not counting on him to put me over the top, but even in a 10 team league the waiver wire is very limited and he should get the minutes to be worth the gamble in those cats.
  2. Any word on how likely he is to play on Saturday? I hadn't heard about his ankle injury til they announced yesterday that he was questionable.
  3. Any word on his status for back-to-backs? I need someone who will be playing Saturday and Sunday, and he looks like a good candidate for the cats I need but not sure if he'll be playing both of those days.
  4. Any word on Booker D's status for Monday?
  5. Draymond out tomorrow, but likely to play Sunday. Not sure if he's worth the hold since he's likely to miss a game next week when he gets his 16th tech. Aminu puts up similar, but reduced, category production and plays two more this week and four next week, thinking about grabbing him while he's hot.
  6. Sad! Dumped for E'twaun Moore's back-to-back-to-back.
  7. Dumped for KOQ, I was primarily stashing Kawhi for stocks anyway.
  8. FUG
  9. 9 boards and 2 blocks is a very decent output. As long as he is given reasonable playing time he should continue to be a valuable asset for those cats and FG%. More time could also help build his confidence and aggressiveness which seem kind of lacking right now. If he grows there he could improve his points and steals output too.
  10. Collins with the most minutes played tonight on the team!
  11. Looking to add blocks, steals, rebounds, FG% in that order, would Larry Nance be a better ROS option that Kyle Anderson for those cats? Kyle's stocks seem to be sliding, and Nance may have the lane to more consistent playing time, but I'm hesitant because Anderson seems to get more blocks. What do you guys think?