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  1. QS, K/9, WHIP, ERA, SV+HD Potential keeper league (but limited to 2 players).
  2. I like McCutchen, but more as a value pick up since his OBP still plays and the Phillies lineup should be top, so he'll bring more runs than normal and his power might play better in a small park like Philly. This is a bad trade. I think if you can get Rendon and Corbin, then you are winning big time. I doubt he is going to make that move though.
  3. I would see if you can flip Keuchel into an interesting bat. He isn't that great to begin with, he is unsigned, and missed spring training. You aren't going to get much, but you might find someone with a spare hitter that will help you avoid injury pitfalls.
  4. I'll break with conventional wisdom and say you should take the saves. Iglesias is installed as the closer on a much improved Reds team. I think saves are going to harder to find in meaningful quantities as team become more inclined to go closer by committee and matchups. Or because they are trying to juke the stats for arbitration by putting some crusty vet in the 9th and having the young gun do heavy lifting elsewhere. If this were a saves+holds league, then sure there are plenty of other fish in the sea, but you probably don't want to pick the random guy that the Orioles find to close. On the hand, Morton gives you some solid depth at SP, but there are always young SP that pop up. Snell was a late round flyer last year before winning the CYA. Pat Corbin was a nobody and Luis Castillo was the hot pick. None of those worked out quite as planned. tl;dr Saves are stupid and you can find them off the wire, but often with terrible ratios. I think Morton will be easier to replace on the wire.
  5. Sale by a long, long way. By midseason, it may be the other way, but Paddack has a lot to prove. Buehler is a good arm, but he probably shouldn't throw more than about 180 innings this year.
  6. Very good team. One question is whether your league is a categories league (saves or saves+holds) or points league. Your starting pitching should be fairly strong, but Vizcaino is the only closer (and it wouldn't take much for him to lose that role). If it's a categories league with saves+holds, then you can probably go dumpster diving on the waiver wire. If it's a points league, I wouldn't worry about saves too much because you can get more out of the starting pitching. If you really need saves, then you might look to see if Trevor May or Greg Holland made it to the wire. Potentially, you could see about flipping Charlie Morton or Kyle Hendricks for mid-level closer like Will Smith or Jose Leclerc. On the hitting front, you are probably pretty golden. Getting Trea Turner in the second (I'm assuming) is a great follow-up to getting J.D. Martinez in the first. I also think that Andrew McCutchen is a great value pick, now that he'll be playing in small park, on a strong line-up, and batting leadoff. I don't really love Corey Dickerson or Nomar Mazara. They aren't terrible, but they probably aren't going to be good for you either. And if you really need an OF, you'll probably be able to find a similar player on the wire in a ten team league. I don't know if they made it to the wire in your league, but I would look at Max Kepler and Jesse Winker. They have some breakout potential. Jeff McNeil might be a decent pickup option at 2b, which would allow you to move Boagerts to a team willing to over pay, particularly if you can package Gallo or Hosmer for a new 1b. Not the most urgent concern. Gallo hits 40 bombs and Hosmer might have odd year magic again.
  7. 10 team league. OPB, SLG, R, RBI, NSB for hitters. Pitchers get QS, ERA, WHIP, SV+HD, and K/9. Aaron Nola and Robinson Cano for Jacob deGrom. Cano will be replaced with Brian Dozier deGrom's owner drafted Scooter Gennett, but has no backup now that Gennett is out for extended time. Plus, the team is somewhat short on big bats, as he used his first picks on Max Scherzer and deGrom. Best options wire options are Jeff McNeil, Roughned Odor, and Joey Wendle. Does this trade offend you?
  8. Agree Acuna, Soto, Turner. But I would explore packaging one with Baez for a better talent.
  9. I think you need to give more information about the league. What stats are being used? What is the team budget? How many teams? Any other restrictions on keepers? In general, I agree with thewallsaround that Senzel is probably better, since the other guys don't stand out as particularly great (or cheap).
  10. I can only keep two. I draft 10th, so if I don't protect Mookie, he will be gone by my first pick (probably). However, the team with the first pick doesn't have a first rounder to keep and therefore would be open to trading picks with me on the condition that I don't keep Mookie. That way, he can still keep two other guys, but also be assured that he gets Mookie in the first. And I would get better draft picks. Like the other guy would give me his 5th and I would give him my 24th plus not keeping Mookie. But I really don't know what a fair deal is with pick trading, because I haven't done it before. I also don't want to really screw over a guy whose track record in the league isn't great, because that's kind of a jerk thing to do. Yes, I could trade Realmuto or Nola to someone else.
  11. Could you make a trade? It seems like your team needs pitching (which is why you are dropping 3 pitchers for 3 bats returning). Otherwise, I think you have picked the 3 least valuable players on your team to drop. Though I think I would keep Marco Gonzales over Jake Lamb.
  12. I think Haniger probably is probably perceived as the better player, even if they are pretty close. In a categories h2h league, Haniger is much more valuable because stolen bases are too important. I don't know how valuable they are in points leagues. I don't think the Tigers are going to be any better than the Mariners.
  13. Put me down for Donaldson. Yes, Paxton is great when he pitches, but he is basically never healthy, a huge risk going to the AL East, and he costs a fair amount. You have a totally loaded team. If Donaldson bounces back with the Braves, then you can flip him for the prospects you'll need to continue to dominate your league for another several years. Donaldson was drawing MVP votes last year after OPSing 900+, which is basically what he did in his two minutes with Cleveland.
  14. Hello all, Quick stats on the league: 10 teams Keep 2 (up to 3 years, move up 5 rounds each year) Normal starting 8 + UTL slot. OBP, SLG, NSB, R, RBI, K/9, WHIP, ERA, QS, SV+HD Drafting 10th in snake draft. Keeper Options: Mookie Betts (1st Round) Realmuto (17th Round) Goldschmidt (2nd Round) Harper (2nd) Murphy (9th) Rendon (4th) Brantley (25) Soto (25) Chapman (19th) Doolittle (12th) Nola (8th) I plan on keeping Soto, because the value is so good. But I am not sure what I want to do with the second keeper. My gut is to keeper Soto (value) and Mookie (star power). However, another wrinkle is that the league offers draft pick trading. So, I could make a deal with the manager drafting 1st, to exchange picks for not keeping Mookie. That way he could keep two value guys and still get a legit 1:1 pick (Yes, I would take Trout over Betts, but I wouldn't cry to get Betts at 1:1). However, I am not sure what a fair exchange is and I don't want to cripple his team on draft day (he has lost the league twice in the last three years and I don't want to pile on). So, who would you keep? And is a fair exchange of picks to give up keeping Mookie? (Must be 1:1 picks. I.e. my 24th for his 5th).
  15. Yes, I have another league (with a shorter bench, but shallow waiver wire) where I am just hoping he turns it around.