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  1. Hello All, I Would like to introduce to you the FHS League, Come check us out and become apart of the league join a GM league with other members and great simming on NHL 19, Current NHL Rosters, Free Agent Auctions, and a dedicated admin and loads more. http://fhsleague.proboards.com Have a great day and hope to see some of you there and thanks for your time.
  2. If you have interest and wanna armchair GM a team and be able to do what you want with your team then give this a try. its a keepers league so every season you will have to make a protected players list and after each season there is 2 drafts the Keepers draft and also the entry draft and Free Agency is a Free Agent Auction so you out bid other GMs to get better players for your roster and we are looking to build a great community. so come on over and join all teams avaiable but 4 Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas and Tampa are taken.http://hockeyhitssimleague.proboards.com/Be one of the first to get on the site and join the fun. as this is just starting up´╗┐Using NHL 18 For simming until NHL 19 and so forth also added to this league is your own created player that u keep on your team and open to other and new ideas any input is welcome