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  1. Came to ask if he was a drop now as well. I guess it's gotta be the move
  2. Which injured guys that were previous drops become adds now assuming play stops for a few weeks but resumes. Jonathan Isaac? Kelly Oubre?
  3. Wow don't do drugs how did I forget him?
  4. hard to say with hunter/huerter crowding the wing. Cam looks more promising than Hunter, and much younger, though but they could possibly run Hunter at small ball 4, slide Collins to small ball 5, and play Trae, Huerter, and Reddish with them. I like that lineup for them in like 2-3 years.
  5. Practiced today, I'm seeing on twitter.
  6. Playoffs start this week for me. Should I be worried regarding Coby's emergence?
  7. Worth a grab? I'm loving his 4 game week next week. Reddish is enticing but that 4 game round 1 of playoffs? Hard to turn down I may grab him to supplement Josh Richardson on my IR
  8. Only played 12 mins? What happened here? I just picked him up lol
  9. You guys keeping him if your playoffs start next wk?
  10. You're right IDK why I said he was inconsistent. I'm about to take the plunge and drop BC for Otto Porter Jr. Playoffs are next week for me, and BC would probably be my drop when Richaun comes off IR if he ever does anyways. So here we are lol. Preciate the insight man