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  1. He's on my wire I think I may grab him. I have Brandon Clarke but with Memphis fighting for a playoff spot I'm not sure how much his supposed late season value will hold. I don't wanna drop him but may end up dropping Satoranksy or Bogdan. Sato's A/TO and assists are really keeping me afloat in those categories though. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  2. More likely or less likely that he goes to a contender which utilizes him even less due to their SF/SG position already set?
  3. The fact that Memphis is in the playoff race is not great for the fantasy GMs with Clarke I'm assuming. How strong are you holding? I'm in 1st place in my league currently so I can afford to be patient but I'm wondering what his production is going to be like down the stretch
  4. Out at least 2 more week. Maybe he should consider retiring
  5. IDK I'd welcome this person into my league with open arms
  6. Any one of note worth adding with this trade?
  7. Is this dude a drop for someone like Elfrid Payton? He's pretty inconsistent and Kings have quite a few high usage players
  8. What do you guys project his stats to be like? With Whiteside there it'll likely be a timeshare at best, no?
  9. Hoping you guys are overreacting a bit. He's 1 of my 4 keepers in my league that I plan on having on my team for the next 10 years lol. So I'm interested in his development long term more than a bad year riddled with suspension and injury. Hoping he can be a nightly 20/12 guy next year and beyond. Booker is also one of my keepers. So I'm a pseudo-Suns fan I guess lol
  10. I kinda wanna leave him on my IR tbh lol
  11. somebody dropped Will Barton. I kicked Wood to the curb immediately when I saw lol I'm out fellas
  12. Went to grab Wood and just saw PJ Washington got dropped and it made my quick decision a little trickier smh
  13. Is Uelly back? He's on my wire I may give him a shot