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  1. my league is filled but I have what you see ROTO 6X6 which is standard 5x5 obp and holds. expansion team $100 Take over existing team or second year $200 I can get you on a list, league is 14 teams CBS may expand to 15 next year. This is a auction league. Send me your email address. mine is
  2. Seeking established league $100 or more that has a 5x5 or 6x6 nothing to crazy in scoring for WEEKLY slow auction prefer CBS please email me at Not interested in point leagues or daily
  3. can you send me an invite that I can look at the league... I need a draft date also, since i am in several leagues. Send to
  4. Is this a cbs league? Auction dollars amount? Scoring? Can I see the rules if CBS?
  5. Is this Roto, Points? Scoring categories, how long do you retain keepers?, rules?
  6. need more info... scoring... 5x5 6x6 cbs, yahoo,espn? how long are keepers kept?
  7. Interested in roto, weekly, if so send me the rules please
  8. Is this roto, head to head, weekly or daily? can I see the league rules
  9. i have a113 team league eight years old, looking for one more tea,. Auction draft via webx conference call or in person on cbs. Either way we are all connected draft day on webx and entering the auction prices live on cbs. Team across the county and many teams in Florida get together for a draft party in one room. Either way its the old time live auction. $100 entry to draft from scratch or $200 for an orphan team whic h none are available. Dynasty league keep up to 20 players. North Carlonina drafted an entire team finished third. Roto scoring 6x6 same as standard 5x5 add holds and obp. Dtaft 14 hitters 14 pitchers. There is webx conference call this Sunday at 8pm est with all teams to confirm draft date. Email me at We play on CBS