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  1. Not to be a pain in the a** but can you email me so I remember to join? Thanks
  2. I LOVE this idea. If you can allow me to pay in 2-3 weeks, (probably less) I will not only join, i will help co-commish and help fill. I am an active owner, active trader, and participate in leagues with writers from DLF and many other websites. I honesty love this idea. let me know. Thanks.
  3. Looking for an owner to serve as a competent replacement for a league I am in that is STILL drafting. This league is filled with knowledgeable owners that are very active. If you love devys and you know your colleges, you will LOVE this league. Its $100 ($50 per year) and you will have to pay to enter. If youre interested, send me your email and I will send you the details. Thanks
  4. More or less i am hoping to join a 2019 startup dynasty auction league with IDP, Devy and drafting soon. Thank you
  5. Hello all. I am in a startup league - 14 team superflex (2QB/2TE) hosted on MFL. 45 man roster with 19 starters. Our Rookie draft starts today and I have pick 1.01 which is by default, Saquon Barkley. I already own Dalvin Cook and I have options to secure additional running backs that are good. I want to get offers for Saquon, because I know several teams are interested...however, what should I ask for? Do you have an examples of similar leagues and what he went for? Ive heard of crazy trades and huge overpayments. I have a guy with Kelce that is interested, and I would like to get a future 1st or 2nd plus another "premium" player. ANy advice or examples are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Interested.. email me team and details please. Andrew5bball@gmail.com. thank you
  7. Andrew5bball@gmail.com - interested in learning more.
  8. POST YOUR LEAGUE!! Hey everyone, I just joined a new league but I'm looking to join one or two more depending on format and rules. I really enjoy MFLbut fleaflicker is what I'm trying. I'm a dedicated owner coming from the DFS world in my 2nd season of season long fantasy. I won 3 out of 4 so for season leagues I was in last year and now instant to do dynasty. Please let me know or email me what you have @ Andrew5bball@gmail.com
  9. Hello everyone Doing my first 28 team dynasty startup draft. It is single copy IDP, 16 starters with 26 man roster. I had first overall pick and tried to trade down but had ridiculous offers so I decided to pick. I was worried that if I select a Todd Gurley or a DJ/Zeke I would not be able to get a good QB. Well, I have Aaron Rodgers and my next pick is coming up...all stud rbs are gone (rookies included) and a bunch of star wr are as well. How do you navigate this type of draft? Any advice? Thank you!
  10. Dude, this is an AWESOME idea!!! I like that you're willing to put things up for a vote since it is a start up! I have been looking for a new league to join (I play daily fantasy "for a living" but want to focus on a dynasty keeper league with guys that are in it for the long haul. I really like all of your ideas even if you copied some of them lol. Count me in. Andrew5bball@gmail.com