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  1. We just had a last minute opening. If anyone is interested let me know as soon as you can. We plan to start free agency Monday and would like to fill the league before that. Reply here, send me a PM or email me at nate@paintingtheblack.com.
  2. The posters that said the Indians picked up Klubers option to trade him are correct. There were some reasons for this. They thought there would be a bigger market for Kluber and there wasn't. He velocity and spin rate is down and he's coming off of two injuries last year and he makes $18 million in 2020. I was pretty shocked at the return to be honest (a 4th OF and a C prospect) but it's something I guess. Plus the Indians believe they have a plethora of young pitching to match Klubers estimated 2020 production. With Carrasco coming back and the emergence of Beiber it's a top starting staff in the AL. I wish Kluber well. Indians fans loved the guy. He's a total professional and great teammate. I hope he regains form and does well now that he's gone back home to Texas. Dolan has requested a reduction in payroll. They like to make money and drive to meet specific profit margins. The Tribe fans that get pissed about not being totally committed to a winner do have some reasons to support that feeling but the Indians do have the best front office in the state and are consistently putting a competitive team on the field each year. Plus, with John Sherman divesting from the Indians and purchasing the Royals it's less money available so that's a lot of the reason the past two years for the reduction in salary, IMO. There was speculation John Sherman was going to buy the Indians but when the Royals came open Sherman bought his hometown team.
  3. We still have an opening in this league. We are looking to make roster decisions in January and hold the Minor League Free Agent Draft in Late January. Pm me here or email me nate@paintingtheblack.com if you would like more information on the opening and the league.
  4. We use Fantrax for the scoring and a forum for other league business (free agency, drafts, etc..).
  5. We have another opening in this league. We are looking to start our offseason activities soon. Let me know if you are interested in the team and I can send you info the league and the open team. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for you interest. We have filled the team. But I'll keep your info if we have another opening.
  7. We have an opening in our 20 team dynasty baseball league. This is a GM simulation. We use free agent bidding to sign free agents. There are two drafts a year to draft minor league talent. You have a 40 man roster (25 active and up to 15 reserves). You also can have up to 210 minor league players. The two drafts are a First Year Player Draft (All players that were drafted in the rule 4 draft) and a Minor League Free Agent Draft (any minor league league player and international signings). We are approaching the First Year Player Draft on July 15th. We have had an owner fall out and we would like to fill this team before the start of the draft. We run the league on Fantrax. The only fee is the fantrax league fee but that is already paid for 2019. If you are interested reply below or send me a pm with your email address and I can send you the team roster and league rules. Thanks.
  8. As a Tribe fan, here is my perspective. Shane will have a solid season. Right now he's a #5. He has good control with his fastball and a good slider that misses bats. His issue is his pitch mix when he goes 2nd and 3rd time through the order. He doesn't have an above average 3rd pitch yet either. Once he develops a 3rd pitch and then fixes his mix, he will be solid. I wouldn't overpay this year in redrafts. I would stash him in keeper or dynasty leagues.
  9. Still have an opening. Plan to start free agency Monday. Contact me or post here if you have interest.
  10. I'm not worried about JRam. He's put up big numbers for two seasons now. I think the looming switch to 2nd after the Donaldson trade upset his routine. He should play 3rd all year. I don't see any concerns. He's a top 10 definitely, and arguably top 5 player in fantasy.
  11. Tribe fans were split on him being traded. I think he's an above average hitter. He's more of a line drive hitter at this point so power number projection is not high. The Rays seem to believe in him by trading Bauers for him. If Yandy figures out his launch angle he could be special.
  12. Allen is still learning. He didn't spend much time in AAA making the jump from AA to MLB when called up. I suspect he will initially platoon with Martin in CF. There is talk of playing Santana in LF. Ultimately, the Indians OF at this moment is a bunch of AAAA players. When ZImmer comes back it will complicate it further. Allen would be OK in late rounds or to stash in very deep dynasties but anyone taking the Tribe OFers right now is simply gambling. I say this as a Tribe fan.
  13. We still have an opening. If you're interested please contact me.
  14. We have a few openings in a deep league going into it's 8th season. The league has 2 drafts each year to draft your minor league players and free agency . You can have up to 40 major league players and 210 minors. It's a very deep league. The core of the league is very knowledgeable and have been playing together for years. Unfortunately life gets in the way and we've had a few teams leave. Let me know if you're interested and I can provide more information on the league and open teams. You can email me at nate at paintingtheblack dot com or you can reply in this thread that you're interested and provide your email address. Thanks!