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  1. 8 team 6x6 OPS league keep 5 forever. Soto, Tatis, Devers, Yordan, Trea Turner and Javi Baez
  2. He'll be competing for a rotation spot with Kwang-Hyun Kim and a few others during spring training. Something to monitor
  3. Standard scoring 10 team league I receive Edelman and Fournette and give my Leveon bell do I make this trade?
  4. You have to assume he will gain OF eligibility during the year considering it will only takes 10 appearances to gain it in ESPN. I’ll be keeping him and expecting him to have OF eligibility within 2 months next season.
  5. Thanks. I also have Taylor Rogers as my second closer. Would you hold on to him or pick up one of the others I mentioned above?
  6. I'm assumimg this is a keeper league and I would absolutely do that trade. You're getting the best player for super cheap plus you mentioned winning is out of the question this year. Help with mine?
  7. Because of your pitching rotation and the fact you can't drop anyone I would go ahead and make the trade.
  8. Giles seems like he can't pitch back to back days anymore and I'm coming up on the playoffs next week. Should I drop Giles for any of Diaz, Greene, Leclerc, Colome or Martinez or just stay put with Giles?
  9. Declining? He’s on pace to reach his previous years stats and he hasn’t reached his prime years yet.
  10. I have Lindor at SS so position eligibility doesn’t matter.
  11. 10 team H2H Cat OPS Dynasty League I trade Manny Machado and get Rafael Devers do I do it?
  12. Pitching is definitely your weakness. I'd look to trade one of your older players like Abreu or Stanton for pitching.
  13. Good point. So you think I should pull the trigger on the trade?
  14. Wade Davis, Carlos Martinez and Hector Neris are also on the WW if that makes a difference.