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  1. Agree with you on a lot of this, but I think Cora is done in baseball whether he gets a lifetime ban or not.
  2. The umpires are going to care about them stealing signs? I'd be way more worried about my job if I was them.
  3. I'd go for it if you think you have a chance to win now. You're probably overpaying a bit and the price has never been higher for him but I still think it could be worth it.
  4. https://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/15-baseball-league-finder-service/
  5. He was moving something made of marble (i think) in his bathroom after taking a shower. I remember reading the story and being like wtf Blake....
  6. Seeing Kiriloff drop 10 spots from last year hurts lol
  7. Win $250 if the Nats win today from a $5 bet in May. But I hate them and still want them to lose lol. Edit: Prediction is 5-3 Nats
  8. Keep 15 forever H2H 5x5 with OBP instead of AVG and QS instead of W A: Soroka, Hoskins, Kirilloff B: DeGrom Team A trying to consolidate talent. Worth it?