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  1. Kawhi speaks for the first time, says he'll be back "soon".
  2. https://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/spurs/article/Spurs-Leonard-back-in-the-building-12713673.php
  3. Aiming to be back during 3 game road trip starting on March 12th
  4. Lol some people on this thread my goodness... salty much? This is the best news considering all circumstances - he will be playing within two weeks as Pop has made it clear he wants to get him "enough" games in time for playoffs so that the chemistry is built. He put pressure on Kawhi, and Kawhi responded. Spurs only play twice this week, perfect time for him to get in practice and hit the court. I highly doubt he will have many restrictions since he was already medically cleared. Again, all you who bought into this entire thing and followed the media hype surrounding the issue since its the Spurs and Kawhi of all things, you guys clearly had a reality check. Pop is a smart coach who for once used media as a way to get to Kawhi. Message delivered and so will Kawhi soon
  5. I was so confident he'd be back, i picked him up in a 14 teamer with only two pickups per week and no IR - had no pickups last week left put a waiver claim as soon as 3am hit and had him on my team with the 14th waiver claim - #determinedSpursFan
  6. I see there are still haters on this thread, must have dropped him and are feeling sour af. Not sure whether you'd take a lost season vs him at least coming back to help with the playoff stretch. #thxjeff
  7. To all those who EFFING DOUBTED ME. Guess who's had the last laugh now.
  8. Practiced for 2nd straight day today. Have to think he's back in 1-2 weeks
  9. Pops is putting the ball in his court and applying pressure. Kawhi will be back soon, you guys are going to look back at this post and smile.
  10. Just found this Wojbomb http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/22534114/kawhi-leonard-san-antonio-spurs-elects-returning-active-roster Kawhi has final say. Wow. DO NOT DROP. I repeat DO NOT DROP
  11. Yes, I finally decided to join after YEARS of lurking. I am quite emotionally beat by this latest Kawhi development.
  12. https://www.expressnews.com/spurs-nation/article/Popovich-not-ready-to-list-Leonard-out-for-the-12631751.php Some interesting takeaways here. Honestly if you have an IR spot and can hold him, I would absolutely do so. As per the article, it states Kawhi hopes to come back next month as per his current rehab, Pop could just be sick and tired of answering the media on this topic and likely wants to move on (typical Pop really).