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  1. nothing to see here but solid production wayyyyyyyyyyyy under the radar
  2. The espn article last year on his quest to play in the majors was really great. Wasnt it a story that Cobb said he could have hit HR's but didnt feel it was the right way to play the game
  3. he was a must own for me and I had to pay $28 for him last night
  4. does any site run a computer model of the pre season "perfect team"? Like take take anticipated projections and combine that with ADP or auction value and build a computer model of what the best possible team is given projections and expense ?
  5. there is no way that they are not at least listening to offers
  6. career year or is he worth holding onto after this year
  7. taking a flyer on him for sure. If he somehow turns into a SP 4 awesome
  8. Note I see from 2 hours ago says 5th
  9. This was my feeling... I was all set with Eddie but Eaton is starting to creep into my mind
  10. Fyi we start 4 OF and 2 utility in a 15 team league Having OF keepers is a good thing