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  1. daynlokki - .260 25HR 80 RBI Steamer - .306 22 HR 77 RBI Batting average aside, sounds like you like yourself some vladdy.
  2. Would love to hear your prediction for Vlads stats/slash line in 2019 as well as what you think his peak season stats/slash line will be in his career. So we can all quote you.
  3. Steamer has him leading the entire league in batting average
  4. I think he will easily get to 1.0 steals a game. He averaged 1.3 the final 2 months of last year and 1.9 the final month. Hes due for a positive regression in steals
  5. Oh ok. The hyphen is between Gilgeous and Alexander, signifying he took both of his parents last names. I’m not on yahoo, so maybe they messed it up.
  6. Hope you guys aren't saying he's bad at free throws because of last year. Try looking at his previous two years in Europe, free throw % was 76% in 2015-16 and 78% 2016-17. I wouldn't come to conclusions after 46 attempts from last year.
  7. Depends on the settings, but joining an established dynasty league and trying to turn the team around is loads of fun.
  8. Quietly has had 2 good games (TD in each). What are people’s thoughts rest of season?
  9. Whether its behind a paywall or not, what sites do you guys use for dynasty?
  10. He's huge and I think he's a red zone target right away. Could be a great sleeper in non-ppr for short TDs
  11. Did you watch the game or are you just trying to make it seem like you did? They removed him because there was a long rain delay man.
  12. Anthony Rizzo bopped his 18th homer Wednesday in the Cubs’ victory over the Brewers. Rizzo took Junior Guerra deep with a two-run shot in the first inning. He also drove in a run with an RBI single in the fourth and drew an intentional walk in the eighth. The 29-year-old has swung a hot bat since the All-Star break, hitting a robust .326 with six round-trippers and 14 RBI over 95 second-half at-bats. He also stole two bases, but why would they mention that? Stat guy didn't scroll all the way down the box score i guess.
  13. “Overall, I like what I saw. I was expecting to see a pitcher that was erratic and I saw a pretty good arm. I don’t think Kopech is an ace though. The SL and CH got outs but most of his success was due to elevating the FB. He did not command the black of the plate but he did change eye level. I think Kopech is victim of the hype. Industry guys salivated over the FB and K rate and really put unfair expectations on him. Fans get their information from the industry and fan the flames. It is what it is. Kopech though has a chance to a back of the rotation guy that flashes brilliance but I think he ends up in the bullpen long-term.” That’s not good.
  14. HR #7 yesterday off Chris Stratton
  15. At what point can we say this guy is one of the best hitters in the minor leagues? Up to a .392/.466/.632 triple slash with 6 homers and 8 steals in AAA. 12 homers and 16 steals in AA and AAA combined. No one talks about him, mainly because he's 24 already and most prospect writers get hyped about young guys performing in an older league. Really interested in him.
  16. Gotta be something mechanical. Hasn’t had a BB/9 over 5 since 2016 in High A. It’s over 6 right now. Haven’t heard any talk of diminished velocity, so I doubt it’s injury related. He’s a tireless worker, I’m betting he figures it out
  17. Now 5 homers off LHP including an oppo bomb last night. Also batting .261 against LHP so far. Still dont like his 56%GB but his hard hit rate looks great. He looks like he’s figuring it out.
  18. How do people view Cease right now? Is he a potential frontline starter?