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  1. OK, the league is now full, Thanks to all who messaged me.
  2. Looking for that one special person who'd be interested in joining a 10-year-old free ESPN head-head categories league. (We only have one opening) Our draft is tomorrow afternoon so not much notice so I apologize for that. I will be checking in here throughout the night so if you are interested please message me your email or you can leave it here. My email is bretrccc@outlook.com if you want to connect with me that rout. Our league is very competitive and the current champ is 3x champion and is in his late 70's. We are pretty open with trades and use the voting system to which our commish will weigh in only if several vote in concern.
  3. Gotcha Wilson, If someone backs out and we stand at 10 I'll come back to you and see if you're still free.. If anyone else is interested leave your email here please or you can message me (I'll be checking back throughout the day)
  4. OK, Anyone else interested? we can accept one more.
  5. If anyone else is interested we could bring in 2 more... I'll be checking in on these forums throughout the day.
  6. Sending you invite KK2.. You will be taking over ownership of the previous owner so edit away and good luck!
  7. No keepers and it's free... Next year we may switch to buy-in for prizes though.
  8. 10-year-old free ESPN league has one owner who needs to be replaced (Guy just had a baby and doesn't have time this year) We are a Head to Head Categories league scoring here- http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=71756&view=scoring If more than one is interested we can expand up to 3 new members. We are also considering using the leaguesafe for prizes next year but not this year. Please leave your email below if you are interested or you can email me directly at bretrccc@gmail.com P.S. our current Champion is in his late 70's and is 3x champ and is really tough to beat ha. O our draft is a snake and is scheduled on the 24th Sunday evening currently.
  9. That sounds great Ray, I'm interested for sure and I think I can bring you a few others as well. save my email for when you're ready. O and by any chance which day do you draft on? I work second shift so Friday nights can be hard for me. I prefer Saturday/Sundays.
  10. I have a question... How/Who will be keeping up with players contracts per team? Also once a team goes over the maximum innings pitched do they lose all pitching categories henceforth? And under this scoring system would it be gamey if a team chose a series to throw an unrealistic amount of innings in a said week against opponents where series is close?
  11. I'm an extremely active owner and I also like trading. (Do like voting on trades with commissioner overrules). My email is bretrccc@outlook.com Cheers.