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  1. What do you guys use for payments/payouts? I've got Paypal linked to my main email, Leaguesafe is linked to another that I have pretty much just for fantasy sports stuff
  2. Hey, I'd be interested in taking a look. Honestly a little surprised nobody has jumped on it with that batch of hitters.
  3. Hey, I'm potentially interested... Says I can't view the league settings because I'm not in the league though.
  4. Sorry, should've figured you'd send the leaguesafe invite right away as well... My leaguesafe is linked to my 2nd email myfantasyfootball13@yahoo.com
  5. Gotcha… Didn't think there was, but wanted to double check. I'm interested... josh_bunting@hotmail.com
  6. Question about the keepers... Do they stay in the original round that they were drafted in, or do they move up over time?
  7. The two matchups each week... One heads up, and one versus the league average?