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  1. I was curious if this is coming back this year would definitely be interested in getting in again! Have a few friends interested also.
  2. Emails have been responded to! Bumping as only 1/2 league filled; looking for 4-6 more if anyone interested!
  3. Looking to start a 12 person league on FanTrax. Draft will be Tuesday evening at 8 PM Eastern time. As the title says it’ll be an auction draft for $50. We will be doing 6x6 h2h weekly stats with the basic 5 but adding Holds + OBP. 25 man roster consisting of: 1 C 1 1B 1 2B 1 3B 1 SS 3 OF 2 UT 5 SP 2 RP 2 P 6 Bn You will be allowed to carry over any # of players you want to the next year as long as your budget stays under $260. The players amount will raise $5 per year however (ex: ‘18 Rizzo won for $25 to keep in ‘19 $30 in ‘20 $35). Free agency will be FAAB and whatever you pay for the player the players value will be half that the following season (ex: Sign Hunter Greene for $20 in ‘18 his value to keep in ‘19 is $10). If you have any questions or like to join feel free to email me at Jnorth1989@yahoo.com or post below!
  4. I just joined the league I believe where does the money get sent to?