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  1. Even w/o holds, his low WHIP and ERA are a benefit to any team, not to mentioned that K rate.
  2. Minter had a shaky outing last time.
  3. 2 HR's yesterday, has gotten extended time with so many injuries affected the Tiger's infield. What does everyone think about him?
  4. https://www.fantasypros.com/2018/05/fantasy-baseball-middle-reliever-targets-week-6-2018/ He is mentioned in the Week 7 waiver wire pickups as well, but the blurb is short. I just picked him up. 1.02 ERA, 0.68 WHIP, great peripherals. With the turmoil at closer in ATL, I feel like he has a definite shot to become the closer. Thoughts?
  5. I like what I'm seeing from Winkler. Dude has been dominant in the middle reliever role all year long. I believe he will become the closer soon.
  6. 8 saves for the year though. I got him in round 26 of my draft. His role is safe, and in a league where closers aren't safe, I'll take that over a committee situation.
  7. He just picked up a save for the White Sox. With Soria under-performing, is he worth a pick up at this point?
  8. SCHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd HR of the day!
  9. I would accept without question. Machado is legit, his past numbers suggest this isn't a fluke either. Cole had an up and down year last year, so I'm not confident his hot start is sustainable. And 2B is a deep position this year, you can find a suitable replacement on the wire. I would accept without question. Machado is a perennial top 10-15 player.
  10. Cron. Florida's offense is weak.
  11. His injury was unfortunate, but the power and SB numbers are encouraging. Drafting Schoop was a shrewd move in my mind, but getting this kid off the wire was the best move I've made so far. I believe we haven't seen the best from him yet. The future is bright for this kid.
  12. Me too! I'm not sure he is looking at a cap, considering Marlins ain't playing to win.
  13. I'm firing him up this week. He has pitched quiet well these past 2 weeks. Even his last start was decent. Sure, the Reds offense isn't great, but his potential is worth the risk. The K/9 numbers are encouraging from him, despite control issues.