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  1. If you’re interested in this league email me at
  2. It’s through Fantrax and so is the cash $25
  3. Not an auction but.... Not sure what details you’re looking for so I’ll just throw some at you...$25 Roto league plus Fantrax fee $6+-45 man total rosterC 1st 2nd 3rd SS (3) Of (1) MI (1)CI (2)Ut (10) P(8) Reserves (15) minors slots separate from MLB slots (3) IL slotsMinor league draft every yr for new draftees and J2 playersRule 5 draft every offseason6/6 Roto lgSlow draftEmail if interested
  4. Check out this new dynasty league
  5. I’ve attached a link to the Fantrax forum below, if you’re interested check it out
  6. Looks like we are starting to roll with that Fantrax league. Take a look at the link above!!
  7. Follow this link if you’re interested in a NEW Weekly Dynasty League
  8. What’s the format... h2h each category? H2h 1 win for the week?
  9. This is a 14 team dynasty with a 27 man MLB roster and a 12 man Minor Lg roster.
  10. This is a $40 Fantrax daily 3rd yr dynasty lg looking to fill a team. This dynasty league has a Rule 5 draft every year and a minor league draft. It’s a very active league and we communicate on the WhatsApp. If you’re interested send me an email with a little bio and I will send you a copy of the full team.