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  1. I am looking to join a new or already established ESPN dynasty league. I know it is still “mid-season” technically, but I want to get ready for next year. I have much experience in dynasty leagues and am looking to join another one. Let me know! Email= teuschdj@gmail.com
  2. Just sent out an email and and posted some forums and poll! Thanks for the suggestion
  3. Currently don’t have either but do you think we should!?
  4. WHAT IT DO BABYYYY Me and my buddies are trying to do a free and fun ESPN fantasy basketball league. We are trying to simulate a true NBA roster as much as possible. Heres the link to Join! https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/join?leagueId=17164528&inviteId=f2cb2697-0083-422e-99b8-6209f6bf5dea Heres my email if you'd like to email me directly for more info or any questions teuschdj@gmail.com LETS DO IT
  5. Hey man, I'm definitely interested and my email is teuschdj@gmail.com