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  1. How many guys can you protect? If you think you can compete next year, I am not sure I would move Bellinger for pieces that may not help next year.
  2. I would look in FA for a closer/potential closer. With the volatility of the position, serviceable guys can still be found.
  3. I agree with the posts above, especially in a redraft league Luzardo brings you nothing. drop him. If he remains in FA you can always grab him again if needed
  4. How many teams? I think that may be tough, can you go after cheap SB? That staff may struggle with some rookies and guys underperforming
  5. who do you think has the higher ceiling? I am trading for Trevor Story (overpaying since I am out of contention this year) I can choose which guy to give back in the deal, which one do I trade?
  6. I think I would make that trade. I totally understand your concerns about giving up Alonso, but getting Buehler will really help your staff. I think Olsen can have a sneaky good second half
  7. How would you rank these prospects for the next 2 years? I am pretty much out of it so I want to deal some non-keepers for potential. thanks
  8. I am looking to trade for a closer, who should I go for (all guys leaving my team being equal) Chapman Vasquez Doolittle Will Smith thanks
  9. I agree that getting JRam is the play. I am a Yanks fan also and do believe in the upside of Torres (also just dealt him in my league) but I don't think he will hit his full potential for another few years.
  10. If you can't wait to get news on Sevy's injury I would do it. All things being equal I'd rather Sevy
  11. marte is the top guy
  12. I would go Shaw plus the positional eligibility is very helpful