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  1. I've missed a lot of discussion here. I'll just say the Astros got off way too easy for this, especially the players. I really hope that none of them are ever put into the HOF. There's also video of Altuve warning his teammates to not rip his jersey off after his walkoff HR against Chapman that sent the 'stros to the World Series. It's crazy how calm Altuve was rounding the bases. Very little excitement, as if it was a Spring Training HR. The thing running through his mind the whole time was "please don't rip off my jersey!"
  2. Well that sucked. See ya all next season.
  3. The Yankees? And you're a fan? Love my team. Great year and this game isn't over.
  4. Tons of opportunities blown. One opportunity robbed of us with the calls against Gardner in the 2nd inning really stings. With Judge it took an insane play to catch that so I'm just thinking whatever on that one. Brantley and Reddick killed us with their defensive plays.
  5. Yup they're not even close. Total disgrace. I can accept losing if thats the outcome, but its really hard when I see so many bad calls going against us. This is unreal.
  6. Seriously F*** this umpire. Unreal strikezone for the Astros pitchers. High, low, inside, outside all strikes. Freakin killed our inning. Fck off
  7. Reporter to CC: "Will you be getting an MRI on your shoulder?" CC: "Yes, when we get back from Houston." LETS GO!!!
  8. Astros aren't a likable team and they're a crummy organization that tanked for years so they could grab up first round picks year after year. Yankees have always gave people a reason to watch baseball. Yankees are baseball. If you hate Yankees you hate baseball. This isn't the Yankees from the early 2000's with hated players like A-Rod. This is a team of young talented players who haven't won. Gleyber Torres, Aaron Judge the 2 biggest stars. Do people really hate Brett Gardner? lol Gio Urshela, Aaron Hicks.. Severino, Tanaka, James Paxton, DJ Lemahieu??? Crazy..just crazy.
  9. Encarnacion out of the lineup. 1. DJ LeMahieu (R) 1B 2. Aaron Judge (R) RF 3. Gleyber Torres (R) 2B 4. Giancarlo Stanton (R) DH 5. Aaron Hicks (S) CF 6. Gary Sanchez (R) C 7. Didi Gregorius (L) SS 8. Gio Urshela (R) 3B 9. Brett Gardner (L) LF Lets go!!!! Focus is on winning tonight!
  10. The focus for the Yankees is just winning tonight. I don't know if Stanton will be able to play but I'd like Encarnacion to sit. Either have Stanton or Maybin DH. Encarnacion has awful numbers vs Verlander and has looked completely lost at the plate.
  11. Urshela and Didi won't be brought back. 1B/DH Voit/Encarnacion 2B DJ SS Torres 3B Andujar C Sanchez RF Judge CF Hicks LF Frazier/Tauchmann Hopefully the Dodgers are stupid enough to take Stanton. He's way too unreliable. Can't stay healthy. They may not bring back Encarnacion because they need money for Cole. We'll see.
  12. Nah sorry this is not over. LETS GO YANKEES!!!!!!
  13. I want a big inning but Sanchez and Urshela coming up. Both have sucked bigtime.