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  1. 50-60 game season is a bummer but its better than nothing. And admittedly I do feel a bit burnt out at points during the season to where I still watch the games but I'm not as invested. Every game will feel much more important now. What ever happened to the "baseball in May' guy. 🙄
  2. Weren't people suggesting that players like Rizzo would fear returning to baseball? I don't think so.
  3. I don't care about high fives lol. Players will get creative in ways to celebrate and could be even more fun to see. A lot of times the Yankees players don't even do high fives alymore. They slap forearms together.
  4. Not sure what you're talking about. Half the kids weren't there.
  5. ‘Do it!’ N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo clears Yankees to begin workouts at Yankee Stadium
  6. Not really. Did you actually read it all? The schools weren't operating like normal. It was also based on some schools in Australia. I'm not sure how much alike they are to schools in the US. I know schools in the US compared to some other parts of the world are incomparable.
  7. No, not even close. Albies was set to make $1M this year and Snell was set to make $7M.
  8. People really think these owners have bottomless pockets. "They own other businesses so have other money coming in" Not realizing how hard a lot of these businesses have been hit by COVID19. In the worst cases, you might see teams having to be sold. What if there are no buyers or the value of the team goes way down. These players need to realize its one season that sucks for everyone and make a compromise for the better good. Teams have already been crippled by having 1 bad contract, nevermind 5 or 10. It's very selfish of a clown like Blake Snell and others. What owners are going to want to pay players in the upcoming offseason after this? Especially not knowing what to expect in 2021. But guys like Harper and Snell have their contracts so what do they care. You could see a recession in pro contracts too. Its a rather minor sacrifice to Snell and these other guys who are in a gifted position. It's also lame that Snell sucked last year. It's almost like if Giancarlo Stanton came out saying he needs to get all of his money. Someone like Ozzie Albies might get some sympathy like yea pay him the full money. He's already grossly underpaid.
  9. Always loved this. But now I have even more appreciation for it seeing the dopey look on Snell's face after.
  10. Yes but singing and talking are different.
  11. You would need to talk face to face for around 5 minutes in order to spread the virus to someone.
  12. "on top of a 33% cut of the half that's already there -- so I'm really getting, like, 25%." What's he talking about with the 33%? This was right after he said he shouldn't only get paid half because there's half of a season. This clown needs to count his blessings. He's lucky he has a guaranteed contract with a few years left because if it was a contract year he'd be getting lowballed by all the owners in the offseason. If they were to extend the season he would be the first one lining up saying he deserves more money for more games. FOH Snell. If he wants to give up the money he's owed and retire no one will miss him.
  13. Masks help everyone. It's not just to protect others. It can be a conscious reminder to not touch your face. It's also a barrier which can limit your exposure to infectious droplets. N95 masks are highly effective in blocking these small particles and droplets. Those are being reserved to healthcare workers but if they were widely available it would be recommended to have one. We don't have N95 but somethings better than nothing. Face coverings are being mandatory right now to protect others though.
  14. Anyone hear about this study saying that lockdowns have done nothing to flatten the curve or slowdown the spread? Someone was just telling me they saw it being talked about on FOX news but can't find a good source for it. I think they said social distancing was what has done the most for us, which obviously social distancing is going to slow the spread more than anything. Lockdowns just more or less force that. Wondering if anyone knows about this because I don't know how they can have sufficient data for this claim. The one thing I found was saying that numbers were already on the decline when lockdowns went into effect and the decline has remained steady rather than a big dropoff. But in NJ those numbers were increasing and with insufficient testing you can't really make that determination.
  15. Gov. Cuomo to the protestors: “You want to go to work? Go take a job as an essential worker. Do it tomorrow,”