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  1. Soria and Jones come in for CHW today in non save situation....Rondon looking better.
  2. Never would have dropped this kid after a month. Have started him in every game in all of my leagues....and so far that hasn't been great. But its clear he is special and will do great this year.
  3. Come on guys, this dude has pop! Yall know it! He will have his hot streaks regarding dingers. It looks like him at Betts are going to get 30+ steals this year, and if he manages to get 20-25 bombs....hell yes. Having him and betts in my OF may get me in the money.
  4. He was extremely off tonight. He hasn't had command with any pitches thus far. Butttttttt this is still his Spring Training, which means the low WHIP high K Shark could still come out starting in April. When that fastball and cutter get going that's when he strikes dudes out. I wouldn't cut him in a 12 teamer
  5. This guy has been nails for me as a fill-in for Moncada. What a great pick up this week! I hope he balls out because he could earn a starting job in the OF at some point.
  6. For now. But this guy has some serious skill and he will be a must-start eventually.
  7. regression should have been expected after the start he had. He still could end up being a top 6 SS by the end of the year, especially due to the park and lineup he plays in. And a top 6 SS at where most people drafted him is GOOD.
  8. I don't add/drop guys based on a single swing of the bat, but Conforto is no doubt worth a spot on a team in a league 10 teams or greater. This dude can hit! just wait!
  9. Love my boy Story at Coors! benching away against decent to good SPs and starting him at home has been a fine strategy thus far.
  10. I would hope a roto league wouldn't have such categories of No-Nos and cycles....as these are rather lucky.
  11. My first reaction about Castillio being pulled.....I dont care as long as Garret leaves them stranded.
  12. Luis castillo....this is why I don't give up on a yougin after a month...well I drafted him too high for that. Very encouraging outing thus far!