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  1. Never owned him before. Traded for him a month ago and couldn't be happier!!
  2. You know a guy is damn good when his thread is this quiet.
  3. Just here to celebrate greatness!!
  4. Laureano or Bohm? Who is the better longterm asset?
  5. I don't think I question IF he can be amazing. There are a lot more question marks now then ever. He hits balls in the ground like Hosmer. His body type is very condusive to breaking down. Not worried yet but he has ? marks.
  6. With Buxton and Garver on the IL. Anyway he gets a look?
  7. Gonna keep an eye on him. Could get traded if he produces.
  8. At this point I am not feeling good about seeing him this year.
  9. Just got activated and I am excited. I know the shine has worn off but let's see what the kid can do.
  10. Seager came out of the game. Could Lux get the call??!!