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  1. Fair enough, some good points. I just feel Devante has been pretty underwhelming so far WR25 even with all the injuries to top guys and he'll be much lower after his bye, so at this point I welcome the change. But yeah you're right could be worse but also think it could be an improvement since Tua is pretty damn good
  2. After how bad Kupp looked Sunday night and how good AJ has looked the past two games I don't know how you're still grasping on to the notion that Kupp will be better than AJ. AJ will outscore him the rest of the way and it won't be particulatly close
  3. Why would anyone be worried? Fitz was already spreading the ball around a ton and there's a good chance that Tua is going to be better than Fitz was. If anything I think this is good for DeVante
  4. On the bright side Malcolm Brown looked absolutely terrible so there's that. I feel like he's gotta be in the doghouse for something that happened in practice, I think it's the best explanation for the mind boggling involvement especially with Brown contributing next to nothing. That said as someone who has never liked Darrel Henderson I thought he looked awesome, no way Akers is more than just a handcuff
  5. Yeah I know, I've mentioned that in this thread a couple times. The issue isn't that Ruggs is a one trick pony, the issue is that Gruden is happy with him being a one trick pony because it helps the rest of the offense. Time will tell if they start giving him more looks on short routes or if they are content just using him as a deep threat. His upside is great but I think he'll have the chance to throw up a 0 or 1 anytime he touches the field this year, which just isn't the type of receiver I'm interested in playing (which is why I made the comparison to DJax). He's sitting on waivers in my league and even though I'd never start him with my WR depth, I think I'll pick him up and keep on the bench and if he goes off I'll try to trade him.
  6. When he runs deep routes it's open up the rest of the field for Waller and Jacobs to do work and that is clearly when the Raiders offense is at their best. While we all know Ruggs can crush with short routes, it's probably in their best interest to keep sending him on mainly deep routes. If you enjoyed owning Desean Jackson throughout his career than HR3 is the guy for you, just be prepared that he can drop some 1-2 point floor games.
  7. I think you clicked on the wrong thread, here's the link you were looking for
  8. Because people will put him behind the boom bust receivers like Evans, Lockett, Odell, etc., The guys who can drop a 1 or 0 at any given time and lose you your week. AJ is by far the best receiver on his team, a threat in the red zone, has a good qb, and is on one of the best offenses in the league. I would honestly be shocked if he isn't top 10 from here on out
  9. He'll be top 10 rest of the way barring injury with potential for top 5
  10. [...] He's got a tough matchup next week tho so if you are in a position where you can sell I'd say now's as good a time as any (or wait till Wednesday after waivers clear where his ownership should shoot up even higher and then start making some offers)
  11. How do you draft someone in the 0th round tho?
  12. [...] If he has a big game against ATL I'm going to look to sell.
  13. With the news that Diontae is out another week I would like to get Claypool in my lineup but I am stacked at receiver. Help me make a tough decision. WHIR of course 0.5 ppr, start 3 Claypool vs CLE Devante Parker vs NYJ Golladay @ JAX AJ Brown vs HOU
  14. You're forgetting OBJ (who btw is the exact same height and weight as Reagor). And you could easily do the same for big wide receivers that were busts. Saying Wentz prefers big receivers is a much more valid argument than saying height + weight = no chance of being a #1