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  1. I wouldn't even blame Zach tho, it's just the landscape of the league now and teams prioritizing future over everything else. It's just such a bummer because I loved fantasy hoops so much but it's now just a matter of who's stars have the least amount of random missed games. In the past you could atleast pick the ultra durable guys (like a Kat or a giannis or a Lillard) but now no player is safe from random days off except maybe a really small handful of guys (harden, Tobias, and not many others off the top of my head). I honestly don't know if there's a solution for fantasy (maybe getting rid of playoffs and just doing best regular season record but I doubt people would get on board with that)
  2. Well I just got knocked out of playoffs to the 6 seed on the back of this news (and embiid being a huge pussy) bummer of a way to end the season
  3. First missed game of the season on my first day of playoffs yay
  4. Fantasy basketball is dead, such a bummer
  5. Of course this man decides to do something after I finally bench him. f--- this guy
  6. It's like this guy just doesn't care about my fantasy team anymore. C'mon devonte don't make me regret getting your jersey, I still believe in you don't stop chucking
  7. I feel like Chriss is getting overlooked here. Spellman and WCS both gone and all that's left is him and an injury prone Looney who isn't even good to begin with. Am I missing something?
  8. Funny for me I was getting crushed last week and the missed game didn't make a difference for me but I am in a super close matchup this week. Shout out to the elf!
  9. Should just retire and go coach high school hoops while he still has value to his name
  10. When I lose this season I'll pinpoint trading for Myles as the point where I ****** everything up. I'm shocked with how soft this dude is
  11. My favorite player on my team and im in Vegas rn and felt like gambling for the first time and put some $$ on hornets win and the over and then this. Lmao some luck
  12. Trading for this guy is looking like a league losing move. I'm forbidding myself from trading for the rest of the season and next, sad times.
  13. This guy is so soft. DND for me next season, he's been burning a spot on my team all season, such a headache.
  14. If you need advice on who to pick up, let me know I'm here to help Honestly respected you as a poster here and on the football forum, but this was a clown post. Good luck with your season anyways The Fultz breakout is happening fellas, hope you all grabbed him while he was free.
  15. Me when I opened my fantasy app after work