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  1. espn h2h points standard settings i can move the espn draft back until the season starts in May.
  2. You are right. How long has the player had it? Who knows. And so, oh, then his team, and this team and that team he played against must be quarantined. Gobert FELT FINE tonight. That's whats scary. I would almost guarantee you there are major leaguers with it already.
  3. There is 0% chance the season begins on time. ZERO.
  4. Yes, its deadly for the elderly. They end up getting viral pneumonia and there is no antibiotics for that. And then they die. This kills your grandparents and cancelling and postponing large groups of people is ALL about saving them. You'll catch it and have a fever and the brown squirts and be fine. Grandma won't be.
  5. You need to be in somewhat of a bubble. Social distancing is the answer to stopping the spread and must begin immediately.
  6. great point. No way it starts on time. In fact, spring training will end tomorrow or the next day.
  7. This isnt about Seattle anymore. Yes, there will be a quick need for a week of workouts. But early May is optimistic.
  8. Only 6000 Americans have been tested for coronavirus. We have no idea how bad it really is or will get.
  9. I wouldnt count on Major League Baseball beginning its season until early May.
  10. 6 X 6 with OPS and Holds added. Tie breaker is batting average. standard settings. just 2 playoff teams make for a 23 week regular season. 1st 140 2nd 60 leaguesafe by majority provide email for invite to look it over and decide. Late night saturday draft for drunken self-quarantining baseball fanatics.
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