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  1. I might go Soto honestly since it’s dynasty.
  2. Rodriguez, Robinson, Luciano
  3. I’d rather have your side so I’d stay
  4. I’m in the hunt this year. Wondering if I over paid or am I just over thinking. traded: Carlos Correa and kristian Robinson for: sano and Kyle tucker
  5. Let’s hope Charlie Manuel as the new hitting coach does something because the entire offense has been brutal.
  6. Or they coulda just played the 1b of the future they already have in Nate lowe but that’s too conventional. The rays would never do what makes sense to everyone else.
  7. Lol it auto corrected closers
  8. Thanks guys. He threw in Taylor Rogers but I still passed. Closets rotate so much.
  9. I’m a playoff team right now and my biggest need is OF. I am pretty good on middle infield and even have young guys. Already have Baez, Brandon Lowe, kingery, Correa, Crawford and hampson. The offer on the table is i give: Vidal brujan, Logan Gilbert, and Eddie Rosario i get: billy Hamilton, kris Davis, and Clint Frazier im also prettt good on young pitching and still have puk Wright and deivi. I think Rosario and Davis are about the same depending on who has the stronger 2nd half but then I think brujan is the best prospect in the trade. What do you guys think?
  10. The one I regret in my dynasty league was a few years ago. Gave up Khris Davis for wacha. Davis was in a dry spell and didn’t think he was legit. Thanks Davis
  11. That’s a close one. But I’m leaning toward Lowe because he’s hitting 5th in the middle of a pretty good lineup. And he’s had a hit almost every game. The power will come too.
  12. Let me ask you would you trade mike trout for hunter dozier? If no then I think you have your answer.
  13. I don’t think so. Franco will probably end up being the best player in the trade. Think if you would do that deal for Vlad? If so then it’s not too much because Franco is almost on vlads level at a younger age.